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Can they throw a billion people into labor camp for tweeting?
jesus christ...
Impossible without some insane upkeep regiment. You're not a celebrity so you can't change your hairstyle and keep it that way on a whim, just make due with what your hair allows you, I actually think it looks good from your pic, so at least you don't look bad.
buy silver...
Take one of the largest expenses of the US and slash it by fractions, bring all of the troops home from war zones and occupied bases all over the world.
Yup, Haggen Daz is a huge deal there, with cafes all around and 2 scoops costing $10 USD. I was actually thinking about opening Frozen Yogurt places there back in 2008 when it wasn't big in China but the timing wasn't right. Too bad.
There really is no point in talking on the elevator because the ride is so short, unless you intend on making friendships on future elevator rides hoping to bump into the same people.
Any corporation will stop at nothing to make an extra cent. Moral is not on their side whether they are American, Chinese, Indian, Turkish...whatever. Tainted milk, mad cow, e.coli, etc...all lead back to the neglect of the corporations, when does it end?
Some here may call me crazy but steady state cardio is bad for you. Stick with the HIIT and plyo. good luck with your mission.
Use coconut oil, good for your skin and anti-bacterial/viral/inflammation. It makes for a great moisturizer afterwards also.
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