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Avoid public restrooms.. Gotta wipe it down and do the sanitation covers...
Damn suede shoes are a bitch, wore them out for a day yesterday and (being very careful) got a few stains and even a brown colored scuff which I have no recollection of.
Well first off, TIPS = to insure prompt service. I've went to school in hospitality management and worked in the industry, tips don't have to be and shouldn't be paid unless the service person EXCEEDS your expectations. Some people feel sorry for those that get tips deducted from tax and has pay cut to sum minimum wage from restaurant managers. You can do what you feel is right or wrong but at the end of the day tips shouldn't be paid to service workers who don't give...
For suede, is it just a simple designated cleanser and brush?
No momentum from their previous jump and exposure, people don't really know about it. This is a great company and I'm as dumbfounded as you are...Perhaps their true value will start showing when their production costs lower DRAMATICALLY (end of 11/early 12).I was personally going to just wait til the end of the year to buy more, I'm seriously surprised people aren't buying's so...low...
Asians don't rub their chopsticks together to grind away wood splints? Eco-friendliness is not popular in Taiwan? both are false, SField, please visit Taiwan again and this time, observe. And which chopsticks did you buy? isn't that the point of this thread?
I would like to see pics for the exact shade and materials of this tux but I'd like to see you go with a white shirt (french cuff) and velvet black bowtie. Black shoes with a good shine!
Seems like you guys get some decent stuff, last time I took my little cousin to Marshalls, their merchandise was horrible!
Those are the very words that came to my mind when I read the first post.
Javyn, did you buy more GPXM while its down? I probably will...seems to be a good opportunity.
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