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So I don't get it, do we just say how many pullups we're going to do and proceed to accomplish it?In that case, I can confidently say I'll do at least 100 between now and new years.so...+100=41118
I don't think its a good thing but I guess you do.Prop 30 is the epitome of failed government (CA state) fiscal policies.
30 passed...wow, good luck to us...
and Ohio..with a difference of about 958.
libertarians decided this election. quick, somebody disagree with me.
\my neighbor is mormon and she hasn't divulged her magical powers to me yet...
lmao looks like Romney was unelectable after all. #toldya
I have no idea why anybody thinks a candidate would win only because his base hates the other guy.
Answer it in context.
maybe if we stopped funding the rebels aka AL QAEDA, we'd get somewhere in this pseudo war on terror.
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