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Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty Even with a balance diet, is there anyways to get ride of the extra mid section without reducing everything else? I am considering straight cardio i.e. getting back to a routine of running. Will have to lift as well in order to maintain? I know you cannot pinpoint a certain section of the body. Running my best option? Or will I have to do a mix of running + lift? Just as a background, I use to lift and did a...
I hate is when people say, "actually" then proceeds to prove how much they know.
Make it so nobody starts work (or gets paid for it) until every employee makes it to the office, I don't know if it is legal to hold everyones time like that but peer pressure will set him straight very quickly.
I can see buying $300 quality jeans but no nylon jacket is worth $600. I don't understand the main point of this thread since you jumped subjects so much. I figure your friend is looking out for your bottom line. At least he cares about your wallet enough to say something while a bad friend would ask you to buy him a pair while you were at it.
I can make a great tasting and very hearty 2 gallon pot of vegetable/ground beef stew for $6 using all fresh/natural ingredients. Eating to full satisfaction, I get probably 4-6 complete meals out of it. all you need 3-4 ears of corn 5-6 potatoes 2 cups of black beans 1-2 cups of barley 3-4 sticks of carrots 1/2 pound ground grass fed beef 1/2 pound of green beans 6 tomatoes, 3 blended and 3 crushed Tomato paste helps too fill the rest of the pot with water pepper,...
Please do research into iodine deficiency.
While ice definitely helps with inflammation, I doubt you need it all over your body. Injuries come with the territory, I messed up my knees before age 20 and decided that anything with jumping is going to be stopped for my long term well being.
If your goal is to be healthy, there is no bar that will keep you healthy and content. I have Larabars at home (only because they're made of natural fruits and nuts) for emergencies if I have to run out on an empty stomach but I'd say just bring your own lunch or make a sandwich and enjoy that as you read during your lunch break. Bars are typically calorie dense meaning you'll get your calories in but you'll be hungry before you know it. Hope you find what you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Get out of the fast lane. There is no fast lane on local roads and doesn't matter what lane on the highway you are, you still have to follow the speed limit or face consequences. That being said. It is so stupid when mostly everyone at a concert is watching it through their cameras. The video and/or pictures never turn out good anyways so might as well enjoy your experience having fun, not trying...
being tailgated and high-beamed when all I want to do is follow the speed limit.
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