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Chicken is unbelievably easy, even chicken breasts. Any basic seasoning and spices will work, make sure to let it sit for a while and soak up some olive oil and your seasoning, I have never messed up a chicken dish and that says a lot because I semi-burn my food about once or twice a week.
That dean is mighty disturbing. My favorite part-TEAM BRITA! she is hot.
grey plaid shirt is WOW. Too bad it is too big.
Express Design Studio Italian Merino Wool Vneck sweater Color: Green Size: M Condition: perfect-no damage , only worn once. Measurement: Pit to Pit: 20.75 Top to bottom: 21.5 Shoulder to sleeve: 25.5 Bottom waist: 16 Price: $20shipped Modern Amusement Light jacket 100% Nylon outer layer 100% Cotton lining Color: Red Size: M Condition: brand new-never worn Measurement: Pit to Pit: 22 Neck to sleeve: 33 Top to bottom: 28 Bottom Waist: 19.75 Price: $80 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx I don't know if they are made by Alden but quality is definitly not as good as RL made in Italy(similar price, 395 $ env.) shoes. IMO they worth sth like 130-150 $. (absolutely not 350 $!) I bought RL shoes worth $350 which is made in did I buy $300 shoes or did I buy $100 shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by ektaylor I cannot image the look in your eyes when you disrobe before entering the shower. I mean, most bathrooms have mirrors. What's staring at you? Just some puffy-nippled average guy? Man, maybe you would be better off with an Everquest wife. lol.....oh man.
Travel throughout different countries, eat their food, and learn their culture for the rest of my damn life. If you can save up for 2 months in a row, you can also hitch a ride on Virgin galactic into outer space.
when you get cookware, make sure it is anodized aluminum, chemical safe. Buying cookware gets confusing, they all claim to do something amazing but if I were you, I'd pay the extra price for the safety and peace of mind. For your kitchen, if you want to cook alot, make sure you buy a good combined seasoning rack. Dinnerware and utensils aren't a big deal, I wouldn't spend too much on them since plates do get dropped/chipped/stained, can always buy new ones,...
only looks like a work-shirt or casual older gentleman shirt.
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