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judging by a lot of the posts here, many are still wondering whats up with the affair and has no clue about the Benghazi hearings?
It makes absolutely no sense for Lori to sacrifice her life for the 'chance' to save her baby, especially in a zombie apocalypse scenario. I know its part of the story I thought that was pretty stupid. WTF is up with the governor and those heads in his masturbation room? and where does he get all those nice head jars from?
Rand Paul is expressing interest for 2016
Part of me thinks the GOP isn't stipid enough to nominate santorum, the other part knows they think they can actually win with santorum. The GOP is pretty pathetic, it's the younger libertarian wing that will revive it.
If Jeb Bush decides to run, the top two will be Jeb Bush (Neo-conservatives/social conservatives) and Rand Paul (Constitutional old guard and liberty Republicans). Rand Paul has a good chance as he is a strong Tea Party favorite, he's got some style, charm, and a good record of consistency.
I see nobody cares to argue those 100 points.
Some of my oBOMBa friends were really working it last night. Shit like: "Off to bed with the comfort of knowing that we will have a president who cares about the middle class, people with illnesses, women and the 47% that "don't matter" for another 4 years! Thank you, America!!!!!!!" I don't really see it as productive to destroy my friends' delusions, they will have to learn with time...on their own path.
hey does anybody here care that Obama gave himself the privilege to kill and kidnap Americans without due process? who gives a shit how he won the election, YOU still lose. to be fair, Romney supported the same policies.
Foods don't really burn fat. The best you can do is eat foods that promote higher body temperature which conveniently means how well you metabolize. Carby, salty, sugary, fatty foods are best for raising body temps...
I find clay works really well for styling and hold, it doesn't give you the disgusting stickiness like wax does.
New Posts  All Forums: