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At the most I do about 3 sets of 30lb + bw chins. Pull ups I don't do it often but I think I will start doing dumbell pull up crawls. Anybody do these? if so, what weight do you use?
I don't like to see food wasted but I do feel like they should know if they made a mistake.
Best I could do.
Hes a little too big for the suits that he wears but he still wears it well, love ARI GOLD! I speculate mr. and mrs. gold will get back together by the end of the season.
Wow...great post!
You could technically just list out all the places you really want to go to and just go there yourself, I'm only saying this because I hate tours...just never had a good experience with any that I've been on. I did China myself, well not completely by myself had a place to stay and went out to travel alone in the day time, I didn't know anything and not even speaking the language really helped me that much.
Damn, 12 page discussion on taking off your shoes in others' homes. I grew up wearing no shoes in the house and always do so when at other peoples homes. I see no point in dragging disgusting crap from outside into a place where you live. This is why I hate letting phone/internet guys in the house to do their work, I cringe at their every step.
Hey thanks for the reply, I'm going to post pics soon of what I'm working with here. Got a few light stains and a brown scuff that I need to get rid of, I read the instructions to pre-treat but didn't think I would need it, now I know better.
I've had gout since 19 for the past 6 years so I've had my share of experimentation. Totally feel your pain on this one, trust me. I worked with a doctor and also gout researcher and decided that the best way to live a normal life is to eat what I like to eat moderately and take the allopurinol. Mind you, allopurinol is no excuse to go crazy with all the alcohol, meat, and seafood you want. You definitely need to control yourself to a relative extent. Other than that,...
Same here, haven't done steady state cardio in over a year, occasional high intensity work.Without cardio I can choose to maintain fat/muscle how I please.
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