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I'm pretty sure somewhere in this thread I mentioned how the Syrian rebels were actually Al Qaeda, and recently we saw the Syrian rebels chanting and singing Osama Bin Laden's name. Good job Obama! Now let's go send Egypt some more F-16s!
So I just wanted to update everybody. I received an email from Luxire in response to my inquiry on if I can receive my shirt within about 11-12 days of ordering. They said they would try their best to get the shirt out to me and it is already en route with delivery ETA being 5/14, a day earlier than I need it, which is perfect.I know some of you may not have had a consistent level of service but this is the second time I have received good service from Luxire. The forum...
I did send an email before I posted this, Luxire does not have a number posted on their 'contact page'.
To be fair, I received a shirt within 10 days from Luxire back in December.I don't know how their shipping times have been lately but if they got on my order anytime between Friday and Monday, maybe there is hope.
I placed an order for a shirt on Friday May 3 at 3PM, what are the chances I will receive this shipment on or before 5/15?
Luxire, do you guys offer collar pin holes as an option?
Yea, came to the realization that Eddie was going to be back for next season at the end of this episode when I saw Nucky making his new demands to Eli in the blue Rolls Royce.I liked it, didn't over think this finale like many SF'ers here did, just learn to enjoy things, not everything has to be 'real as fuck'.
Luxire, Three questions: 1. What is your lightest weight white fabric? The lightest weight I see is medium but they seem a little on the thick(er) side. 2. Do you guys do the londoner collar? 3. Is your sleeve measured from the shoulder or from the middle of the back? The reason I ask is because from a shirt shoulder measurement suggested by your pictorial, I got 25.5 inches but the lowest option you have is a 30. My neck is 15.5. and I'm considering either going...
The idea of secession (and nullification/non-compliance) is American through and through. Is it needed now? Well...not really...I don't really see a need for the states to break up from the federal government although they have plenty of reason to when the FEDS impede on their rights. What is needed though is a capitalist secession from the government.
In before somebody comes in here falsely claiming how Obama ended the Iraq war.
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