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I'd recommend Santa Monica as well, I love that place (there relatively often)What are you looking to do in LA? relax or absorb as much as possible? or maybe both?
I have a concierge company and my clients tend to buy wine a lot. Anybody know wine vendors here that would like to jump into an affiliate relationship with me?
whatever helps them pass the time enjoyably.
After some research, in my opinion Bludso's is the one to try.
Can't do it...just leave me behind and save yourselves!
It was a good finale, Ari finally realizing where his priorities were messed up and being faced with being the new ceo.
If anybody is interested, CNUV just closed a acquisition deal (soon to be RM) of SURGLINE. This thing has huge potential but don't take my word for it, go do your DD, you may like what you find.
I'm on the baby back ribs bandwagon And: mac n cheese waffles and maple syrup chinese dan dan noodles corndog tacos with everything Dr. pepper raw milk almond pudding
I wasn't stunned at all, he WOULD say something like that, I'm glad they wrote his lines that way because that is his character.
I'll leave 45's on the bench and squat/dead rack because this is usually the weight the majority of the guys in weight area uses but any other weights SHOULD go back. Its just annoying to see a huge mess and a little effort from everybody makes things so much easier.
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