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It was a good finale, Ari finally realizing where his priorities were messed up and being faced with being the new ceo.
It is nothing but tragic that almost 3000 Americans but how does the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent middle eastern justify our revenge? Now that Osama is gone, our vengeance is done, what else is there to do?Saw this posted up today:
I don't think it is wise for Paul to try to make something out of it but we'll never know the whole story. I think Perry did get pretty crazy though.
Yea, I can already imagine many people captioning that picture. I'd feel pretty offended if someone had their finger in my face like that but good to see Ron Paul showing some restraint.
And here I was almost believing what I heard last night.http://news.yahoo.com/fact-check-perry-romney-twist-records-debate-021556685.htmlmore in link: http://news.yahoo.com/fact-check-perry-romney-twist-records-debate-021556685.html
If anybody is interested, CNUV just closed a acquisition deal (soon to be RM) of SURGLINE. This thing has huge potential but don't take my word for it, go do your DD, you may like what you find.
Seems like somebody wasn't happy to be exposed about forced inoculations and supporting hilarycare.
Damn that guy is an idiot, if you're a foreign investor in China and get busted for bribery/corruption, you'll have everything taken away and more or less banned from China.
yea, Bush sounded good in 2001 too, whatever happened there?
I find it absolutely hilarious how many of these candidates are now jumping on the Ron Paul policy bandwagon. Liberal Rick Perry makes me cringe, more than Bachmann.
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