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Cain may not be getting anywhere near that gop nomination but he's going to walk away with a good amount of popularity and might even reach Palin status in political celebrity. He's going to sell a lot of books for years to come and I have a feeling that is all that matters to him.
I said Ron Paul would balance the budget in 3 years not pay off the 15 trillion dollar debt. what is wrong with you man.
Ron Paul proposed $1 Trillion cut from spending in the first year, balanced budget by year 3. everyone else just wants to trim around the edges and not step on anybody's toes.
In my opinion, Newt won't be a factor at all, it'll come down to Paul (winning Iowa) and Romney (winning New Hampshire).
whatever helps them pass the time enjoyably.
He had over 80 ethics violations on the hill....how can anybody respect him, or want him as our president?
After some research, in my opinion Bludso's is the one to try.
Can't do it...just leave me behind and save yourselves!
No that isn't what it means and you know it, just because there are over 2 million of them, does not mean they're all investigating the 9/11 crash or can you prove this?You want to call their science stupid and ignorant, why don't you use science to disprove them. I know you can't so you had to resort to this argument that has nothing to do with anything.Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth are not conspiracy theorists but investigate the science so I think many of you...
1564 verified architects and engineering professionals disagree with you.Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth used scientific method to prove it was a controlled demolition. Do you have science on your side? or do you have ignorance and stupidity?http://www.ae911truth.org/
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