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surprised nobody posted this eye floater clip from Family Guy yet.
Gotta admit, that black/dark brown stripped suit looks good. Not looking to buy suits right now but maybe I'll feel like a new suit later on.
School did nothing but make me lazy, I've realized that I learned more from running a volunteer organization, working in the real world, and studying subjects that I enjoy on my own terms. But everybody is different. All of my ambition and entrepreneurial/leadership skills came from when I ran the non-profit a couple of years into college. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't be building a business today. I was a pretty stupid high school student.
It is a bit weird, if you are hitting your compounds like you say, your abs shouldn't require any extra work. I think you have a decent program going on right now, good call on the once a week carb refeed, that is important. Keep at it and report back.
Almonds shouldn't be consumed in moderate or large amounts especially if you like eating foods that have poly unsaturated fats like other nuts, avacados, pork, and most cooking oils. Having a highly inflammatory body is not good for your "bottom line".
There needs to be an overhaul of certain commonly accepted practices of medicine in the industry.
I have a couple small patches of dry skin around my cheeks. I moisturize twice a day with coconut oil, using a towel heavily scrubbing my face did the trick but it just feels wrong to cleanse it so harshly.
I've always had dry skin (a little peeling in parts of my face, usually bottom cheek area and region between the eyes). I use natural cleansing products but I'm looking for a sort of towel or material that really gets the dead skin off of my face without being too abrasive/damaging to my sensitive skin. I thought SF guys would have some good ideas for what I'm looking for. Thanks.
I don't eat grains too often but when I do, it comes in the form of a juicy burger. Sometimes I don't have buns at home and I just lettuce wrap it. Got the idea from In n Out.
-Well for starters you have to be tired. I usually get tired and ready for bed after 16 hours, so get up early! -Don't drink caffeinated beverages after 1pm (depends on your sensitivity to it as well). -If you can, take a walk or just relax and watch the sunset (helps produce melatonin, and tells your body the day is over and it is time to sleep). -A few hours before your desired bedtime, start turning off all of the lights (go dim). It will help tremendously by...
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