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Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 1 pound is roughly 3,500 calories. Honestly, I'm not quite sure where we arrived at this maximum of two pounds a week as the healthiest amount for weight loss. I've read of people that have lost 5-6 pounds a week to no ill effect. Granted, generally the heavier you are, the more weight you'll be losing initially. Most of that being lost is just water and lean body mass. The goal of most people is to...
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz Really? Because regardless of what I do (short of going to the gym as a straight up refuse to do that) I won't gain a pound. Starting 4 months ago, I have been doing a 40 minute work out, 3 days a week .. that is now up to 300+ pushups, and 200 situps/crunches and a variety of other core exercises - plus run twice a week .. and have gone from eating twice a day, too 4 times a day, plus protein shakes after workouts...
Look good Attract women Fit into the clothes I want to NOT getting fat (this one is important)!! Longevity Vitality I actually hate my gym (24 hour fitness) mainly because they haven't changed the carpet since I joined over a decade ago and it smells disgusting and makes me want to puke. But I do enjoy exercise somewhat.
A while ago when I worked at a 5 star hotel, a server at our restaurant often urinated into the trash can by the internal bar, you can bet your sweet ass he didn't wash his hands. Of course, eventually he was fired but I was pretty grossed when I found out.
I wouldn't specifically because you're there to mourn not be stylish (unless otherwise stated or agreed upon by family or planning party). Then again, some would argue that if it was your friends funeral, they would want you to dress as you would please. When one of my friends passed, we all dressed the way he remembered us, only made sense.
Cheek kissing is pretty much non-existant with Asians. Being Chinese, I grew up bowing to elders. It always felt awkward when I received kisses on the cheek.
Was that whiteboard joke an attempt at humor? Anyway, I think he is pretty cool. More social than my teen cousin who is totally anti-social and gives me one worded responses, two if I'm lucky.
If she thought you were a good candidate for her sister, she would've asked you. You can show interest and if she changes the subject, you know what she thinks of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick I like when the air escapes out of their shell... Makes it sound like they are screaming. the hell is wrong with you, you get off on the thought of a creature suffering?
Lots of great experience to learn from here, thanks! Anybody expanded to China from America?
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