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I hear you just fine.Ron Paul:-Openly pro-life. Any state is free to vote on abortion, per the Constitution.-Gay marriage - federal government has authority over who gets married.-Doesn't disapprove of civil rights law(s) He disapproves of a portion in the civil rights act that restricts property rights/business rights.They probably don't bother with you because they think you're ignorant and rather not tell it to your face because you'll get mad and rant on the...
Ron Paul has momentum for South Carolina. He just picked up an very influential endorsement from Tom Davis. Let's see how it all turns out.
you're awkward.
As do I, glad we're on the same page with that.
Did not realize this...thanks for sharing.It does make a lot of sense that he was home-schooled, a proper home-schooling can definitely send kids on the right path.Seems like Ron Paul has been vindicated again (in a sense), he firmly touts and protects home-schooling and I think that was the point you were getting at?
Part two, which plays directly into part one, so you must watch both ACTUAL WRITER of Newsletter (not newsletters) revealed. Its not on youtube so follow the link, this guy deserves the click anyways. http://www.fox19.com/story/16458700/reality-check-the-name-of-a-mystery-writer-of-one-of-ron-pauls-racist-newsletters
So this guy, Ben Swann, a co-anchor on FOX19 WXIX (no connection to FOX network) was able to actually investigate the Ron Paul newsletter issue with a small-local-network budget but none of the other mainstream media networks could pull off with their HUGE budget. In this piece of FACTS and not OPINIONS, he produces material that has NEVER been covered before. Part 2: the revealing of the NEWSLETTER WRITER He also makes some great points on how all of the candidates...
No, I wrote it. Rebut it or move on.
Out of the TOP 3 right now in Iowa : ONLY 2 have the money to continue their national campaign ONLY 2 have the organization to continue their nation campaign ONLY 2 have top tier status in the next state, New Hampshire ONLY 2 have the national name recognition ONLY 1 has the enthusiastic volunteer base ONLY 1 has the conservative voting record ONLY 1 is talking about real budget cuts. Despite a third place finish in Iowa, The Revolution continues.
Leave airline security to the airlines... But this type of logic doesn't bode well with the government, TSA isn't there for our safety, it is to get us comfortable with more control.
New Posts  All Forums: