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If you cannot grasp the deeper meaning of this then I feel sorry for you.The other presidential candidates WISHED they had this type of support.Major embarrassment for the Obama administration and the great one himself.
Looks like they're going to march in formation again for Ron Paul @ the GOP National Convention
Today, hundreds of veterans and active duty military officers acted in solidarity with Presidential candidate Ron Paul as they turned their backs to President Obama and the white house and saluted a folded American flag for about 30 minutes, observing each second for a soldier that died by combat or suicide.http://www.examiner.com/conservative...#ixzz1myCMN8FK
No! he is securing the safety of this nation!
Good posts to the last two, I'm thinking Gibo and Bhowie don't even care about pork-spending. Just like how those who accuse Ron Paul of being racist don't actually care about discrimination. They don't bother to look at FACTS. Talk about hypocrisy.
It is because he understands where those funds go, this money is SUPPOSED to be spent on the people, not to the federal government for whish-washing.
If you have a rebuttal, I suggest you bring it up or move on.
I didn't prove anything for you, I guess except that you think Ron Paul supporters mainly consist of 18-30 year old liberals (lol) who support abortion, gay rights, and civil rights (you must be more retarded than Rick Perry). You left out pot-smoking, anti-war, conspiracy theorists too.It is called compromise and yes, some people do it. Ron Paul doesn't seem to care for it and that is why many like him.Damn those young liberals....!Where in my last post did I mention...
New Posts  All Forums: