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I thought about it for a minute and came to the conclusion of pushups for multiple muscles and simplicity.
Going to make sloppy joe's tomorrow, maybe throw some coleslaw in there too for veggies and crunch.
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle if i own 2 properties can i get 2 women? I know you were trying to be SF-funny but to answer your question simply, yes.
If the boss is a good leader, and you believe in his mission, yea. It is a good opportunity to start small and have a favorable position in place for when the company expands.
If he thinks you need some quick money to take his daughter out...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix what rihanna and beyonce's boobs are perfect. B-C is where it's at. But yeah, rihanna is completely talentless except for having perfect legs, and tit:ass ratio. she's got an incredibly annoying voice. I guess what is considered annoying is subjective but by my standards, she has vocal talent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Isn't organic grass-fed meet a bit of a sham? You are right in the sense that truly grass-fed/pasture raised cows don't need organic certification. It is more of a redundancy than a 'sham'.
I find that my acne activity connects to how often I wash my sheets and blankets. I often get one or two under my ear on the jawline and didn't figure it out until today that the most contact I get in that area is my blanket. Gonna wash it tomorrow!
I feel anything is good to eat as long as it is sustainably (and of course humanely) raised and harvested. That being said, in my opinion, meat in every single meal is too much. I'll eat meat once a day for protein and meal variety. When it comes to being a vegetarian, I'm going to say it would be difficult. It is true we can get non-animal based protein sources but it isn't easy to get saturated fats without animals. The whole world can't be sustained on coconuts...
You can't ever change your natural part but I would just wash>comb/blowdry then apply wax/gel/hairspray to keep the hold.
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