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Luxire, Three questions: 1. What is your lightest weight white fabric? The lightest weight I see is medium but they seem a little on the thick(er) side. 2. Do you guys do the londoner collar? 3. Is your sleeve measured from the shoulder or from the middle of the back? The reason I ask is because from a shirt shoulder measurement suggested by your pictorial, I got 25.5 inches but the lowest option you have is a 30. My neck is 15.5. and I'm considering either going...
It makes absolutely no sense for Lori to sacrifice her life for the 'chance' to save her baby, especially in a zombie apocalypse scenario. I know its part of the story I thought that was pretty stupid. WTF is up with the governor and those heads in his masturbation room? and where does he get all those nice head jars from?
Foods don't really burn fat. The best you can do is eat foods that promote higher body temperature which conveniently means how well you metabolize. Carby, salty, sugary, fatty foods are best for raising body temps...
I find clay works really well for styling and hold, it doesn't give you the disgusting stickiness like wax does.
So I don't get it, do we just say how many pullups we're going to do and proceed to accomplish it?In that case, I can confidently say I'll do at least 100 between now and new
lol the comments were much nicer than I expected for SF. Yea, If I were you, I'd shave, grow out more hair and do some exercise. Be confident about who you are and be a gentleman.
I just keep buying suede.
5'9 is a good height...most dress shoes will give you a decent inch so I think you're ok.
Don was really shaken up by Peggy's leaving but is it really a surprise? I feel like Peter is going to kill somebody soon.
I remember seeing in this thread a pic of a tan jacket with pink tie and green pocket square, all beautifully arranged. It might've been one of PSG's 'moved or deleted' pics. Anybody know where I can find this picture? Anybody have it saved?
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