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So many whiny bitches in the last couple pages.
We can't tell the future but if Real Clear Politics' polling averages is any indication, he is the most competitive Republican against Hillary today.
Hillary's biggest asset They thought she was a shoe in during the 08 cycle too. The only reason she is polling high is because she has name recognition, people in the Democrat party nomination process are looking for someone else. Who is her threat? Nobody so far, I guess time will tell. Nobody can tell the future but the only Republican that can beat her as of now is Rand Paul, he is the most competitive Republican against Hillary. Polls show him leading her in...
Rand appears to be the only Republican which consistently outpolls Hillary in swing states first in Pennsylvania just a few days ago and now Iowa and Colorado too.
Obama's mentioned and attacked other potential 2016 candidates before, it doesn't mean they're all viable or within "sights".
He's high in the polls because Republicans don't really know enough about him yet but they do know he was the guy that beat the Union, which gives him low information favorability. Bush is high in the polls, obviously because of his brother.
There are smart libertarians and there are fantasy libertarians. Every party or group should have these sub-factions.But you're right.
Me too Haha O'Reilly is like a right wing caricature of a "libtard leftist" but I definitely see marginalization of Paul but its not as bad as his father since Rand is for a fact a top tier candidate and they can't run away from that.Hannity is traveling to Kentucky to give Rand a one hour exclusive.
Exactly on point and I have a feeling the majority of people will agree as long as they can see it in this form.I see a lot of friends jumping on the bandwagon saying gays should have rights thus being able to shop anywhere they want when its completely mixed up. Everyone has rights but you don't have enough rights to force to do what you want.The shop is already getting F'd on yelp so that is the consequence they chose to receive whether they knew it or not.
New Posts  All Forums: