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^ I think that may be the indigo duck or the indigo warp/weft. Most likely the duck, though.
Maybe check out 3sixteen, Rogue Territory, or Left Field NYC. The latter 2 may be a bit slimmer than what you're looking for, but 3sixteen has the CS-100 which is a more like a traditional slim straight.
Yeah, those look awesome Boomer. I wish N&F would do more contrast stitching in general. Always looks nicer IMO.
Yeah, I agree. I've accepted that my desk job with long hours doesn't really equate to fast fades. I'm trying to be more zen about everything and not stressing about it.
I'm a fan of the low tension. Saw them in person and was reaaal tempted to buy.
I mean I have several pairs of various cuts and sizes and they all kind of end up the same. Some are just easier to get my hands in the pockets.
I agree. I don't understand the obsession with getting jeans as tight as humanly possible, especially if you're not 90 lbs.
Does anyone know if the Regular Guy is going to be a permanent fixture, or is it going to be a one-off more along the lines of the Weird Guy High? I'm only asking because there was no mention of it in the preview.
I've heard of places like Denim Doctors here in LA doing that, but I'm not really sure how well it turns out. How big is too big?
actually I really shouldn't right now. Sorry
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