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I have had issues dealing with zam and communication. I ordered a pair of pants back in may. He sent me the wrong pants and they didn't fit so I returned them for the correct size and material in mid June. It is now mid September and I still have not received my replacement pair. Needless to say I am quite annoyed and frustrated and I don't think I will do business with him again despite the clothes being very high quality for the price (especially on sale).
My friend and his band played transperformance. He is in the Sun Parade. I will be moving to northampton in december to finish up school. small world.
I don't want a refund or a discount on some other shoes, I just want what I ordered so I have no choice but to wait.I ordered 992s in 906t (white) kangaroo. I am mostly annoyed because being a white low top, it is more of a summery shoe and now it won't be arriving until the fall.
I just got an email from holger saying he basically has no idea where my guidi's are. I ordered in april and they were supposed to arrive at the end of june/early July. I know it's not his fault, but I can't help but be annoyed.
Shirt and pants are way too big/baggy. Definitely return. I would check out MFA on reddit, it is much more catered to beginners and they have some great guides to get you started.
can anyone recommend a stylist in boston to give me a complete hair transformation? I have no idea what I want. I have a difficult hairline and head shape to work with. I need an artist who will treat my hair as a blank canvas and make something beautiful out of it.
wish they had some shell alden
If you are honestly going for quality I would say you are way under budget in almost every category except maybe accessories. Shoes are probably the most under budget category, but I also don't think you need that many different shoes to start with.
I already posted this question, but I only got one response and I am reading conflicting opinions from different sources, so I am reposting to make sure I make the right decision. How should I size guidi 992 in kangaroo? I have read everything from TTS to size up 2. I measure 9.5D on brannock which would be 42.5 and I was all set to put down my deposit for 44 until someone on SZ said his fit TTS. This would be a very costly mistake as there are no returns on custom...
New Posts  All Forums: