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Where is the cheapest place to buy a black shell captoe balmoral? Balmoral is preferred over blucher for interview suit, correct?
Noob question here. I'm buying my first interview suit. It will likely be a charcoal suit from suit supply. I'm wondering if black shell cordovan cap toe would be a good shoe to pair with the suit. Also, what would you recommend for a second shoe to rotate?
At first I thought Hirsch was a troll and I was very annoyed by every post. After much effort of figuring it out, I have come to the conclusion that she is suffering from some form of mental illness and I only feel bad at this point. Best to just block and move on.
Never been to a meetup before, but I'd be down for any day other than friday and saturday. I like the aeronaut suggestion as I have never been, but anywhere with good beer is fine with me
Even though you say the pants are brown, since they look burgundy, I would love to see this fit with your grey boots and the bottom button on the sweater undone.
does anyone have a pictures of guidi 991 and 995 side by side? I'm trying to figure out which height I like better
Ultimately the transaction worked out great in the end. The pants are beautiful. You are right that the DNA pants were a sizing issue, but you accidentally sent the coated minimalist slims instead of the regular ones. I ended up with a better version of the minimalist slims in the end so it all worked out. Zam is very kind and truly seems to care about his customers. He is a very busy man and personally responds to all emails, so I now understand the communication issues,...
I have guidi 992 in kangaroo.I think there are probably a few reasons that cm shoes stick to calf and shell, though these are all speculations as I have real knowledge of the industry outside of being a consumer. For one, calf is likely cheaper and easier to get in large quantities. Calf also has the least grain and scarring which makes for a plain and simple shoe which is what cm folks are after. Shell cordovan is a unique breed of leather that has qualities not found in...
That jacket looks way better on you than the model pictures. It doesn't even look like the same jacket.
I'm not nearly as experienced as many on here, but a few months ago I asked the same question and did a bunch of research and more or less agree completely with Abraxis.I personally prefer horse and kangaroo for shoes, and calf and lamb for jackets. That being said, the treatment of the leather makes almost more of a difference than the leather itself.
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