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I'm certain you look like an inelegant, unfit douche anyway because of all the overpriced junk you eat out.I'm a MAN. I care about my health and control my nutrition. I cook all my meals, I exercise everyday, and I carry my lunch to work. All this makes me fitter and stronger than a pussy like you.Stop spouting nonsense, you fuckwit. Tell me, "man," what did you eat for lunch at work today?Know what I ate? 3 chicken breasts, an omelette made out of 10 egg whites, 2 glasses...
Nice, where are they made?
Those were my exact thoughts when I saw these at the shop! Perhaps they look TOO bright in the picture because of the flash.I'm amazed at the number of compliments I receive every time I wear these. The red toe actually lifts them out of black blandness and makes them eye-poppingly splendid; try imagining them any other way. Better still, try on the shoes for yourself. They're definitely my most-complimented shoes, a fact that I grudgingly grew to accept after watching my...
Thinkin of buying these again to replace my worn-out pair: This is my favorite Converse color combo; the only one I like. Whaddayathink?
Some good, basic chukka boots from Red Tape, India: I bought the dark brown chukkas for $35, over two years ago. Didn't expect it, but they've been through slush and sand and rain and puddles, yet still look good and are my go-to pair every time I pair jeans with a plain shirt. Whaddayathink?
-wrong thread-
Check out my new Converse:
I want shirts exactly like the ones Eames wears in the film... what style are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Hmm, didnt check where my converse were made. Will have to when I get home. Either way, mine are pretty comfortable. HOpe you find better luck The MIV and MIC pieces are quality sneakers but every time I encounter an MII Converse, I turn around and bolt. You can check where it's made on the label under the tongue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol how the fuck do i stop the tongue from sliding around? Just one reason why I don't wear Converse. They're not real shoes.
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