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Superb pictures
The same reason I love this thread.
JP I'm just in love with The Alfred Wallace 2209. It will be my next briefcase
A very professional service
Share more please
My bedale this week. Waiting for the kit I ordered a few days ago.
Rewax or not rewax my bedale? Do you rewax yearly?
Technically speaking (Colors Theory) you have found a "Desaturated tint of brown".HSB -> H:34 S:25 B:67HSL -> H:23 S:48 L:141
All you need to know about "The Walking Dead" data and statistics http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/12/05/graphic-stopping-the-dead-a-statistical-look-back-at-the-walking-dead-series-so-far/ The guys who did this are genius and crazy at the same time.
As every successful man you can wear whatever you want and don't give a fuck about people who laugh about you.If you run the daily rat race then you have to give a fuck, sorry for you.
New Posts  All Forums: