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Quote: Originally Posted by kngrimm Sometimes I wonder if these people are really captains of industry or just another nameless, faceless person trying to pair a nice suit with a nice shirt... and no one cares. this tops the gothic tie
very nice...especially the Lobbs
@RJ They look like a light version of the Haferl-Schuh ...didn't they?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Wow, you just sink lower and lower. I though well bred rich people had better manners than to insult their hosts? I do, however, admire the audacity of the owner of a site for populated by piss drinkers, anti-Semites, stalkers, and other bile-spewing lunatics to criticize the quality of posters on another site. well...reading your book is more enjoyable than this
What a surprising thread...
Quote: Originally Posted by Azxster My order was placed on March 2nd, confirmed on March 5th, credit card was charged on the 15th. I have not received my shirt yet other who have ordered in mid March have received theirs. What should I do?
Quote: Originally Posted by oDD_LotS 8. My jewelry is still pretty heavy, but now it's much more tasteful, refined, and classic...except for maybe the lip and eyebrow piercings.
Quote: Originally Posted by drake My favorite shirt at the moment... Well...buttons look Borrelliesk but the colours reminds me of the shop we've bought our kitchen.... and also the rest of our furniture
Well...the shirt looks out of balance. It seems that the width at the hips is the same as at the waist and therefore the shirt goes up straight to your shoulders. So: Don't widen the shoulders as the look becomes even more unnatural. I would add width at the hips and let everything else as it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe thanks lakewolf, but actually i dont feel shoes anymore. but i feel selling shoes! here we are all or drinking or AA
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