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Wow...I was not prepared for that to be live-action. I need to start watching this.I was always a little thrown off by the idea of the giant robot being a unicorn. It just sounded like they were messing with people after the success of the other Gundam series.I randomly found out that this company existed because they're a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (part of a business-to-business constituent segmentation analysis, and congratulations if you didn't fall asleep while...
72,563 + 68 + 67 = 72,698
Wow, them's some crazy good deals. I ended up biting on a wine skeleton print shirt and a pair of 2.0 sweat knickers (went with my chino size, pretty sure it'll work out).
I just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and I just started Death Note, and I liked both of them (Death Note seems really promising thus far). I also kind of enjoyed Fruits Basket, although I could only find it dubbed and I feel kind of cheated that there was never a second season. Would you recommend Kamen Rider, or does it fall into a different sub-genre?
Jacket & hat combo gives off a hair too much of a carnival barker vibe for my taste.
50% off everything at http://www.benchandloom.com/ with code END50
I love jellyfish, otherwise known as 'sea jellies'. Dumb question: Was the winner or winners of the 'create the next contest' contest ever announced?
Sure, but you only drink it so you can shoot the pearls through the straw at passing cars, right?
Right, like what if you have to deliver a calf and you don't want to take your jacket off? We've all been there.
Interested to hear more about these items as well.
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