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It works with the all-white tux and the white-and-gold bow tie, though.
HJ in the mens room next SF meet-up?
and sold.
Couple things have jumped out at me:- I always loves me some hidden rivets.- Multicolored stitching on the buttonholes is pretty great.- Probably my favorite - the buttons on the fly are offset toward the right side, so you don't end up exposing the part of the fly that's supposed to stay covered stays covered instead of exposing the stitching (which makes it look like your jeans are too tight and / or your fly is undone). You probably could, especially if you're use to...
I think Mauro said there'll be a code for non-rewards members so you can still get a pretty sweet deal on them.Or you could just pony up for the rewards membership.
I know. It's like we're all watching him grow up, right here in this thread.
Thanks, good to know. Sounds like there's a decent chance I'll get tracking in the near future.
No probalo. Edited with details.FWIW, I tried on this season's comfort blazer from Uniqlo, and while it's pretty nice, it was worth the extra $50 or whatever to get the Harris Wharf blazer from TBS.
Ok, so if we're doing a denim contest, what do we want to set as the minimum number of participants? It's gonna be kinda lame if there are just five of us posting fits, and even 10 seems a little thin. 20? 25? Here's what I'm thinking for the contest: Whenever the jeans go live to the public, we start up the contest thread. Anyone who posts a fit pic wearing the jeans during the month of March is entered in the contest. Participants need to post at least one fit pic...
Fleeing mercenaries on an ice-covered exo-planet, obvs.
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