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RO blistered worker jacket size 48 BIN for $330: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rick-Owens-Blistered-Lamb-Leather-Jacket-48-/161372404247?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123 I usually wear a 48 and I have this in a 50, doubt I could size down because of the shoulders.
Chiming in on YOBWHCS (year of Barney's Warehouse Clearance Sale), I received a cancellation email pretty quickly for the one thing I ordered that was canceled. Everything else shipped, although for one of them I didn't get the shipping notification until last night. Pretty stoked that I got a 27" Bric's suitcase for a mere pittance.
59,913 + 53 + 52 = 60,018
[Insert Spoon reference here.]Ok SF, I need your help - and maybe I'm asking in the wrong subforum - can anyone point me toward some sort of mobile (and ideally also desktop-enabled) app that a small user group (16 people) can access as a shared platform?I'm looking for something that can work as a virtual whiteboard of sorts where colleagues can request help on projects (e.g., I need to do x, does anyone know how that works?) as well as general questions and ideas.Sort of...
Brief poking around on the interwebs indicates that it's probably decent. I managed to snag a 27" before everything evaporated. Wouldn't've minded getting a carry-on size as well, but stuff got snatched up pretty damn quick.
Anybody in the US had an experience with a store in the EU that won't refund VAT? I bought something from Spence, and they're saying it's against their policy to refund VAT. According to their web site, they're VAT registered: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/index.php?page=termini
Thanks. Looks pretty nice. Wish they had angles from the back and sides to show how boxy it is or isn't.
Anybody seen the peak lapel version of this and care to comment? I'm thinking about picking it up but can't find a fit pic for the life of me.
I have one of their beanies, which I bought from Cruvoir. It's thin, stretchy, really comfortable. Easy to roll up and stuff in a jacket pocket. No idea where it's made. I like it, but my gf says I look like i work at Urban Outfitters* when I wear it.* I do not actually work at Urban Outfitters.
Thanks for posting this. I can never remember all of the buffalo.
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