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I'm gonna offer a counterpoint to psg's post and say that I don't think LVCs go well with a tailored jacket. The arcs and tab on the back pockets - and to a lesser extent, the amount of white weft showing through the warp - make them more suitable for a work jacket, chunky cardigan, or maybe a really casual jacket like some of the offerings from RRL or Engineered Garments. If you want to wear a more traditional tailored odd jacket, I'd opt for something with plain...
I assumed it was a misspelling.
Yes to charcoal nubuck.Including acrylic in a wool blend seems pretty reasonable to me.
For real. I hate being able to vote.
Just got a chance to watch the video. Good stuff. Definitely getting the jeans (just had a question I sent to Si-Jin before I pick my size). I'm super-stoked to hear that pre-orders will keep being a thing for rewards members. Totally random: You mentioned being self-financed. These guys do interest-free crowdfunded small business loans if you have something you want to do but don't have the cash flow: http://www.kiva.org/dc (I'm not affiliated; my GF was looking...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the input, y'all. I'll let him know that the Okayama Standards are good but to keep an eye out for whatever looks good.
I ended up going after calling to verify that they still had some stuff left. There was a crazy shawl-collar double-breasted belted parka that fit pretty well but was a little over-the-top for me. I almost walked out with an unstructured wool blazer with four button-flap pockets and a subtle check pattern, but I ended up passing on both.
So it looks like my brother's going to pick up a pair of Gustins. Lame question, but does anybody have a recommendation for a 'if you're only going to back one pair, get this denim' type of situation?
Still worth checking out the Georgetown store? I'm in DC tonight and need to decide between slogging my way through the weather to G-town and staying close to my hotel to use the mediocre fitness room.
Thanks for the reminder; I'd been meaning to pick up a couple more of their tanks. They're cut pretty long but bunch up / stack at the waist pretty well and are great for layering.I wish the half sleeve curved seam tee had a more open neckline. I'd probably own one in every color if it did, since it's otherwise pretty much the perfect tee.http://voidthebrand.com/
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