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Ok, it sounds like the total number of orders and whatnot is in the mid-50s! Here's the list of participants for whom I currently have SF usernames: @CharlesThe1337 @lllsssfff @OhHello (weekend warrior) @veekta @bashman14 (weekend warrior) @randomkoreandude (weekend warrior) @sharkminusbear (weekend warrior) @vedarcrew @notwithit If you want to be included in the list above, post in the thread (I'll try to check at least daily for new people) and / or PM both @WvG...
Cool. Fingers crossed there's still some around.
It looks really cool there. I think the lighter wash denim you're wearing makes a lot of sense with that color.Dana Lee is Canadian, right? Maybe there's some kind of Belgo-Canadian waffle. Or you just have to serve the waffles with Canadian bacon.
nohirsh, but assuming you're a bigger dude:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Mens-RRL-double-RL-light-chambray-buffalo-western-denim-shirt-xl-/201327326078http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Double-RL-Icon-SSNL-Blue-Western-Shirt-Cool-Diamond-Button-XL-NWT-195-D1F/271800159249http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Faded-Blue-100-Cotton-Western-Button-Up-Shirt-Slim-XL-/171767301025http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-western-pearl-snap-shirt-XL-/181716297365
How limited is this run? I'm probably visiting friends in Seattle in early July, and I wouldn't mind checking it out in person.
Is that the oyster color? How do you like it? I was intrigued but ended up going with charcoal.
You looked at RRL? IDK that they offer something exactly like that at the moment, but there are enough resellers on ebay that you might be able to find something if you're willing to poke around.
Any update on how soon this one is happening?
I'm playing through Final Fantasy III (Android port of the Famicom game, similar to the DS version) and it is awesome.
IDK, some chelseas arbitrarily appeal to me. Not sure whether I'd like these as much with a zipper.Also, a zipper can sometimes alter the silhouette of a boot making it stick out more along the zipper, which makes the it less sleek through the throat.
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