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71,750 + 50 + 50 + 50 = 71,900
edit: nvm, too cropped for the likes of me.
They always seemed like a bunch of guys with business degrees that were enthusiastic about clothing but not so good with design. It'd be cool if they stepped up their game in that department.Same, and I wear a large.
Anybody here bought from ebay seller abprules / store eBlairClothing?
It's been so hot lately I'm going shirtless regardless. Every day I gaze longingly at my WvG denim and then pull on a pair of gym shorts 'cause the AC barely reaches my home office. Good thing no one I work with wants to do video conferences.
Speckled terry bomber was too good to pass up at that price. I ended up grabbing a pair of track pants, too. I agonized over the colors a bit and ended up settling on gunmetal. Some crazy-good deals to be had.
Duly noted. I'll make sure to keep my attacks as personal as possible.
It takes a special kind of awesome to tell the forum owner to shut up multiple times and call him an idiot in a single post. (-‸ლ)
IMO the darker gore looks better.
Picked up the two W+H pieces I've been lurking on since S/S '15 launched, because I live life like it's 2010. Both indigo-dyed. And I sized up on the tank. Most days go by without a shameful impulse kop. Today did not. Prolly going back regardless, since it looks like this season's jacket runs about a size small.
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