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For the sizing names, couldn't it just be a combination of the two? "Before-dinner slim fit", "after-dinner regular fit", "predator slim fit", "justin regular fit", "enzo extra-slim fit", &c? I think that lets you keep the quirky names (which I like, and it sounds like others do as well) but includes immediate clarification before the shopper even clicks through to the product page. As far as monkey arms and t-rex arms lengths are concerned, they seem pretty intuitive. ...
Who do they mean by "tech giants" other than Amazon? Apple with its stupid-expensive watch?
Looks nice. I'll have to mull over that vs. the heirloom shawl.Hot diggity. I wouldn't mind seeing a slip pocket on the chest, but that looks damn nice. Safe to assume the pre-order will go up on the web site around the same time?
My guess is that the stressed version would either run small because stress can burn off nervous energy and suppress the appetite, or it would run large because people who are under stress often make emotional food choices (i.e., comfort foods) rather than rational food choices.
I thought they were OL 70s wash.
Any chance of a side-entry pocket on the shawl cardigan instead of a standard top-entry patch pocket? Also, I'm hoping for button rather than zip.
Was Mulan good? I haven't really kept up with Disney movies since Aladdin.
Clearly Urban Dictionary will have the answer: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Fucc+BoiIs that a rhetorical question whose meaning we should all ponder in order to attain a zen-like state?
26,359 + 51 = 26,410
Side note: If you have square-ish or normal shoulders, you'll be fine with last F/W's zipper blazer; if you have super-duper sloped shoulders (like me), the armhole may do this funny pulling thing that you probably won't like very much.Also, I recall the fabric being ridiculously awesome.
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