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So I ordered some of the Pure Blue Japan stuff before I found out it wasn't actually a collaboration, and I'd say my reaction is a strong 'meh'. The jeans are ok, nicer than the current stock of zipper-fly selvedge jeans but definitely not as nice as the older MIJ line. The loose fit taper is a decent cut - think APC PNS, only more so - but basically unwearable for me because I can't get my size 12 foot through the leg opening on a size 28. The slim fit straight...
This may be the first time in the history of the universe that Philly has been first in line for something fashion-related.
76,541 + 75 = 76,616
This caused me to briefly envision you standing in front of a vat of indigo, perhaps humming softly to yourself, while dipping your hand into it over and over again.
^ Haha, I've eaten at that place. Decent burgers, but too crowded to make it worth going during peak hours. Also, the location kinda skeeves me out. I don't think Rob ever waited on me, though.
25 EUR off at http://tres-bien.com/ with the following codes: 25-EURO-EUR 25-EURO-GBP 25-EURO-SEK 25-EURO-USD 25-EURO-REST-OF-THE-WORLD
Apologies if this already gets asked several times per page, but has anyone heard anything about a release date for the Gap x GQ stuff?
Pro tip (of which you may already be aware): Wear whatever shoes you plan on wearing them with when you go to the tailor.
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