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FWIW, I'm a 30 in most stuff and take a 29 in Big Johns (at least, I found a 28 to be too small and a 30 to be too big, so I'm admittedly making an assumption here).Sadly, they do not appear to be Our Legacy 70s wash.
Couple of recommendations from @LA Guy: http://www.styleforum.net/a/what-i-learned-from-slim-denimThere's also the Uniqlo pure blue loose tapered fit: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-pure-blue-japan-loose-fit-tapered-jeans-142526.html#69~/men/bottoms/jeans/pure-blue/~
Yeah, the black --> blue --> white fading evolution sounds pretty rad.Random question: Do you have any good Epaulet suit fits? There was some discussion surrounding @StanleyVanBuren's suit fits, whether their cut fits his body type, and whether they yield good fits in general. I figure you wear a good amount of Epaulet, so you might have some insight and experience.
Nice. Are the Big Johns the tapered overdyes? I've been meaning to pick up a pair of those at some point. They look good here (although I'm always in favor of more sagging and breaking in, both of which come with time).
I think the 4-zip DR design combined with a more pliable leather is a contributing factor w / r / t the midsection. The horizontal zippers and the folded-over leather surrounding them are creating a stiffer line and the more pliable goat is shaping around them. This would probably be less pronounced with a stiffer calf or horse leather. It doesn't actually look bad at all, though, and obviously it doesn't do that at all when worn unzipped.
I'd agree with that assessment. I tried on last year's henley but didn't end up keeping it because it was a little short in the body length (I'm 6'1" and a size medium). This year's henley definitely feels a little longer in the body and I'd say is a little slimmer as well.
Creative types. I like it.
Fortunately, I always dress like an RO model.I've definitely put my arm through the strap before, but I just put one arm in one sleeve, grab the strap with that hand so it's out of the way, and then put the other arm through the other sleeve.IDK, I have a blistered lamb worker jacket that drapes really well. Maybe it's more awkward with thicker / stiffer leathers.
Sweet. I'm not quite old enough to appeal to recent college grads with daddy issues yet, but I'm getting there. Maybe if I hang out in front of the one on the Penn campus*; that'll give me a couple extra years of lead time.* Fun fact: It's only a few blocks away from the original location of the first ever Urban Outfitters store.
Awesome. And yes, I'm most certainly a 48.I really like the beanie; it's thin, super-soft, stretchy, and elongated. My GF says I look like a UO hipster douchebag when I wear it, which I think makes me like it even more.
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