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Funny you mention that; my at-cost belt is one of my most-worn belts, although I haven't bought anything from Everlane in years.
If I went with the point collar option, does that mean my fit jacket will come with a point collar? Doesn't make a huge difference to me either way; I'm mostly curious about what I'm going to get.
Sweet Orr workshirt also back in stock in multiple sizes: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=70982156
Already got: Buttero slip-ons in dirty white Lightweight jeans (N&F featherweight WGs) Suede trucker jacket Cabourn cotton-linen tunic jacket Six-panel Hill-Side cap in natural canvas (surprise bonus thanks to zissou) Sand suede chelsea boots Definitely getting: WvG tees (modal-silk and bamboo-sorona, provided the latter is offered as a u-neck) Jodhpurs in milkshake / bone suede (timing depends on when Epaulet comes out with them) Wouldn't mind: Not-crazy-expensive...
Thanks, that does a great deal to put my mind at ease. Remarkably, I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm over-thinking the matter.
Tangentially related question: I'm going to a wedding soon. I'm planning on wearing a slightly textured silk-blend suit that's sort of a medium blue with a little grey mixed in and has a relatively modern cut. I was planning on going with a white shirt and no tie. Here's the rub: the only white shirt I own is an oxford cloth button-down. Is it acceptable to wear either a) oxford cloth or b) a button-down 1) with the suit I described and 2) to a wedding? I can 500%...
x-post from WAYWT Sky blue slub cotton picnic shirt (I also have the French blue version of the fabric in a long-sleeve button-down; both are warm-weather favorites on biz-caz occasions) Also pictured: Cabourn W+H CP
+ 200 = 44,735
Time to move everything to a new "is it worth it to send things to Japan to dye them black" thread?
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