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I'm not totally sure if it's this clear-cut, but I think most of the fleece stuff is made in Canada and the other stuff is made in China (for both TS and TS x Champion). I bought this tank top out of a sense of moral obligation, and I definitely like it:I had to size up one, since I'm pretty sure a medium would've been too short and tight after a trip or two through the wash.I picked up a jacket (made in Canada) and a pair of the selvedge chinos (made in China). I'm...
Just reading those words fills me with an overwhelming urge to change into drop-crotch sweats, an oversized tank top, and chunky hi-top sneakers.
Looks like it's back up. Decided on charcoal for the CPO.
Sorely tempted by a CPO...can't decide between blue and charcoal.
Awesome, looking forward to the olive u-neck. Any plans for tanks in the same fabric? I'm still hoping for some sort of curved hem tank to make an appearance in the lineup.
40% off at http://www.danaleenewyork.com/ No code required. edit: Also some drops at http://www.toddsnyder.com/ I think there are also further drops at http://www.slamjamsocialism.com/
62,832 + 50 = 62,882
RFT: I finally picked up a pair of rigid LVC 1947s, which I've wanted since before I joined SF. I'd forgotten how much I like unsanforized denim and the whole hot-soaking and air-drying process.
I mean it's best used as a seasoning that adds flavor to a dish or dressing but is not adequate to act alone as a dressing per se.
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