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How'd you size those (and which did you pick up)? Some listings make it look like they run small; others make it look like they're 'normal' N&F sizing (vanity-sized by one).
Ditto, although mine are still kicking after 4 or 5 years.
One other thought on the combat trainer sole - Margom makes a ripple sole and a lug sole, either of which could look pretty rad in this context (probably a little pricier and/or more difficult to source than their standard sole).Ripple:Lug:
I'd be totally on board with that.
Thank you for posting this. My girlfriend is a ceramicist (and does not wear smocks), and she will undoubtedly appreciate this.
Update: package came yesterday, and it was only the henley (there was a note on the invoice next to the flannel saying something along the lines of 'not ready yet'). It may be that flannels are among the factory-delayed button-downs to which the last blog post referred. In other news, the henley fabric is amazing and pretty damn soft. I might have to pick up another color or two if there's any stock left (I forget whether henleys were preorder-only)
I can verify that nahneun is indeed a 2-d dancing K-popstar gif.SF is way better now (at least SW&D). I feel like early 2010 was this weird transition period where the denimhead thing was already going away but it hadn't branched out to accept a broader range of styles. It seemed like it was more about what was bad than what was good. Although I think we can all agree that old Raf was better than new Raf.Pretty sure I still have one of these. I'm not sure when I last wore...
Did you guys settle on a synthetic ribbing option for bombers? Also, is the baseball jacket (button-front, raglans sleeves, all-suede) on the table?
Additional % off a selection of stuff at Barneys Warehouse:
#1. I'll let you know if it arrives with my henley.
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