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Aren't most chips vegan? Except salt & vinegar, apparently, which almost always have some sort of milk derivative in them (I've known far too many vegans and have picked up on stuff like this).Says the guy who tossed someone's salad behind the Safeway during his lunch break.
The Tom Bihn Cadet is probably the closest I've seen to what I'm looking for. The Timbuk2 is unfortunately somewhat limited; even with customization, you can only get it with a black body. I think the customization only extends to the flap and straps (maybe the lining).
Curious about this as well.Also whether retailers will stock them. I'd rather buy direct from the web site, but after my last experience with UPS, I'm probably sticking to places that ship USPS for the foreseeable future.
Here's the fucked-up thing: transgenderism is classified as a mental disorder in ICD-10. At the same time, some states will allow you to designate your gender on your drivers license. So the state can decide that your gender doesn't match your biological sex, but if you agree with them, that makes you crazy.Peanut butter and banana sandwich, same as pretty much every day.
Huh, I think I have the non-laptop version of that exact Chrome bag. I used it every day back when I was biking. It was pretty good for that - I found it stayed in place even without the cross-body stabilizing strap - but it's a little loud for my taste.Some laptop bags - very, very few, it would seem - are designed such that you don't have to take your laptop out and put it in a bin when you go through airport security; you just open up the bag and lay it flat on the...
Yep, you gotta pay for convenience.
The one on the left looks pretty awesome.
Depends on how dark you're looking for, but the description on the web site makes it sound like the Italy midnight shadow is pretty dark (and it's currently open for funding): https://www.weargustin.com/store/1558There was also the Italy indigo x indigo if you want something super-saturated (closed, but it's possible they'll have another run or a different indigo x indigo in the future): https://www.weargustin.com/store/1262
I'm not terribly optimistic about the mail actually getting delivered in this snow, but my super heavy twill shirt shipped (ahead of schedule) and is ostensibly scheduled to be delivered today. Still waiting on the city coat. Order status says it's now scheduled to ship between 3/9 and 3/13. I realize they don't have the bandwidth to write an actual email each time there's a change in status or anticipated ship date, but it'd be cool if they could set up an automated...
No worries, Uncle Nephew.
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