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Rad. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Especially after my third scotch of the afternoon.
Realtalk, AA thermal henleys (sized up one) are one of the best-fitting articles of clothing ever. I have an RRL henley that comes close, and my WvG henleys win in terms of sheer beefiness, but the AA ones win hands-down in terms of fit. OTOH, I've had one literally fall apart on me the first time I wore it. I'm surprised there was anything left to pass along to your son, maybe a pile of thread, a few scraps of fabric, and some tiny plastic buttons.I still need to find...
I tried entering "sick jawnz" as part of my net assets in the mortgage application, but they weren't having any of it.
Small point, but I prefer a two-way zipper on a jacket with a longer length like that.
Any chance the sample will be for the slope-shouldered among us?
IIRC it's called a hilt.1. a house in Olde Kensington 2. a WvG flanneledit: More accurately, the bank bought 80% of the house, but they're letting me live there.
Rad, thanks.
Picked up the burgundy flannel. It's oddly difficult to find a nice solid-colored flannel these days. Did other people know about the free shipping thing? That's pretty rad.
Hrmm...can't decide among 3, 4, or 5.
Or...can someone recommend a place to get it re-dyed dark burgundy or black? The stitching is orange and the zipper tape is kind of a dark orange, so those would be factors too, I guess.
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