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Yeah, I used to work in an office building that's basically across the street from there (the one above the Safeway). Cafe Asia was the default place for client lunches, and my coworkers and I would go to happy hour there occasionally. Unless there have been any major developments since 2010 or so, I'd categorize Cafe Asia as entirely acceptable but not worth going out of one's way to visit.
Rad. Some of their beers are decent. I'll definitely check that out.
Ever been to the Heavy Seas Alehouse near there? Any affiliation with the brewery?
Yeah, I've been there. Near the Pho 75, right?They're excellent burgers IIRC. I'll probably stop by while I'm there. Thanks for the reminder.
Truth. Not on par with New York by any means (obvs), but probably as good as any other east coast city in terms of bands coming through, save for the occasional snubbing in favor of Richmond (same happens with Pittsburgh w/r/t Philly).Semi-related note: Parquet Courts are playing 9:30 on 5/12. Highly recommended.Wait, there's good Thai in DC? Where?Also, is there anything decent in terms of food / bars within spitting distance of the Rosslyn metro stop? Thanks to a...
Jodhpur looks excellent. Definitely in for bone / milkshake suede if it happens.
Possible alternative? Still not sure about the shininess.
I mean this in the least discourteous way possible, but I disagree with just about all of this (other than the jacket being cool and the jeans fitting well). Re: successful mashing, see @nicelynice. Nothing wrong with different leather colors for jacket and shoes, although I think a little somewhat lighter brown (walnut, maybe?) might look it make a little more intentional.
Milkshake or bone suede jodhpurs would be insta-kop status.Any word on the leather jacket (moto / MA-1 / A-2) samples? This thread moves fast enough that I have trouble keeping up.
I think I tried that one out and it felt too techy for me. It wasn't bad, though. Could work for someone who's into that sort of thing.
New Posts  All Forums: