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If anyone's headed that way and doesn't mind proxying a couple of items, there are one or two RgT pieces I'm interested in.
Love that Schott bomber. I picked up the same one (I think at the same ridiculous sale price). I broke it out for the first time last night since temperatures in Philly finally dipped low enough to warrant it. That thing is a beast.
Thinking about it a little further, there may be a way to make the triple-denim-and-tie getup work, but I think it would have to be a really rustic tweed or something heavily textured that might not be a typical tie fabric (duck? can you make a tie out of duck?). Either that or take the western look to the next level and make a tie out of bandanna fabric.
Probably because he makes and sells them. I think ties work in most of his casual-ish fits and that he does the jeans-and-tie thing better than most people, but I agree that the three-piece Canadian tux may be a bridge too far for the necktie.(FWIW, I like the three-piece Canadian tux fit if you back out the necktie.)Or this.
Been mad delinquent on posting in this thread. I packed my pair up without realizing it when I was getting ready to move and only just unpacked the box. Terrible mirror fit pic, but (maybe) better than nothing at this point: Hopefully I can get some outdoor pics next week. Not much fading action when they've spent the better part of two months sitting in a cardboard box, unfortunately.
About that...it's actually a Simpsons reference: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cromulentI'm not so sure the OED is going to recognize it.
Ignorant question, but what would be involved in swapping out a 1-way zipper for a 2-way zipper? Could you just get a 2-way zipper pull of the same brand and size and then swap out the one-way pull, or would you need to replace the entire zipper? I don't know whether there's a difference in the teeth of the zipper or just the way the pulls open and close the teeth.
Yeah, it's a totally cromulent pocket orientation, just not really my bag.
I'm a little iffy on the new shirt model as far as plaids are concerned. The diagonal orientation of the pockets for patterned fabrics didn't particularly appeal to me.
Same happened to me (but with a workshirt), and I got another email later saying they'd just run out of fabric.Agreed, the offer of extra sugar is nice, but the stock store is a little light at the moment, at least in my size.
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