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63,211 + 52 = 63,263
I wish my sleeping bag had a satin shawl lapel.
Agreed. The problem is, without the passants, it's a pretty boring jacket. So basically it's a boring jacket with a bad detail. So no.
Thanks. I take it you're a 50 / L in most stuff, so that's relatively true-to-size?
How'd you size on the needle punch leather / cotton cardigan?
I'm drooling a little over that last one.
Officine Generale leather bomber in size L for $400, while it lasts: http://www.mrporter.com/mens/officine_generale/leather-bomber-jacket/486333
Sure. I probably won't get a chance today, but I'll try to get one soon. The hem on a size 32 is actually narrow enough that I can have the legs stack instead of cuffing (which was my original plan). Not what I'd normally do with chinos, but an interesting option.
Whelp, I picked up my order from November today (it actually arrived yesterday but the UPS store closed before I could get it). 14 oz. indigo - indigo Reagan chinos in slim straight. The sizing is spot on (they fit exactly like my Kickstarter jeans in the same size), and all the details seem correct. I was surprised to see that there's open-seam construction at the seat, which is a bit more sophisticated to construct than a felled inseam but makes tailoring much...
Offhand, I'm guessing it's just a prototype and the for-real model would have tonal zipper tape.
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