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Rad, thanks.
Wow, out of size L in the speckled chambray already. What're the odds of another run sometime soon?
I thought Tactics was more of a battle strategy game. I'd probably take 6 (a.k.a. 3) over 7, but oddly enough I've never played 6 all the way through.
Thanks, think I'll pass. I'm probably a medium, and IDK whether I'd want black.
Folk beanie, Cabourn x Merz B. Schwanen henley, Sunspel henley, Todd Snyder cardigan jacket, Tender Co. t-shirt, couple of Gant Rugger shirts I probably didn't need.
Off-topic, but FW14-20-TQSFR Just quote it after you've used it.
https://archive.unionmadegoods.com/ You're welcome.
Rad, thanks.
Dibs on SVB.
Damn, dat boiled wool shirt jacket. I don't understand how the model could look so grumpy when he's wearing something that fuzzy.
New Posts  All Forums: