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Barnes stuff can vary a lot depending on model and material. There are a couple of standard models in their wool -poly blend that are pretty consistent, but even with those I'd say it's a toss-up between TTS and up one. I'd say Barnes falls somewhere between Dana Lee and Harris Wharf in terms of how tailored they are (high armholes, shaped body). The Dana Lee leisure jacket is very soft with minimal shaping to the body. If anything, I'd say it's closer to some of the EG...
You had me at 'heavy leather pants'.
I'd definitely go with the Schott x UO jacket over the All Saints jacket. The quilting and superfluous panels look over the top to me, and it's not going to go with as many outfits as the Schott. UO has free two-way shipping, right? You could just order one, see if the length works, and return it if it's not what you're looking for.Also, you mentioned TOJ. Any reason not to go with something from Falcon? You can go MTM if you need to adjust the length.
IME not at all. I have a white Acne limit tee that I wouldn't wear without another layer, but I have no hesitation about wearing the JE tee solo.
that's because the asterisks need to be replaced with www dot grailed dot com.
I think it's pretty fascinating, actually. No one designs in a vacuum, and designers are always going to be influenced by other designers and labels. Hedi Slimane ostensibly developed the Dior 19cm cut by tapering a pair of APC jeans, taking them out of the clean, minimalist APC aesthetic and integrating them into the skinny grunge rocker look. W+H and JE ostensibly both started out in similar places with luxe athleisure-wear centered around jersey fabrics, but JE...
In other words, the brown tones preclude them from being a staple of every man's wardrobe. They lack the versatility to take you from casual Friday at the office to happy hour to your dinner date to the nightclub without missing a beat.
+ 100 = 53,500
Or if it was SLP it would be 'hot fire'.
Anybody know if there will be additional core colors released for the tees this season, or are dark navy and burgundy it? Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the washed tees? Considering the washed black or washed olive curve u-neck. I picked up the washed navy, but I'm thinking about returning it because the color is kind of close to the jade, which I already have. I'm also thinking I might want to size up one, since it fits a little slimmer.
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