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That's kinda what I was leaning toward.
92,600 + 61 = 92,661
A+ vocabulary word.
Eh, not big ones, and frankly I could've lived with either. I think it's the cost of doing business with a very small company dealing with a huge number of MTM/MTO orders.Damnit, I think I just accidentally turned this into the ToJ thread I've been avoiding all this time.
Any plans for a heavyweight flannel?
or or or, you know, none of the above.
Damn, aloha chambray is pretty tempting. I can't tell if I want it because I would actually wear it or if I want it just because it's objectively awesome.
Thanks y'all.
I wear a 29 in the rigid officer chinos and have a little room to spare in them. I tried the herringbone chinos in a 28 and they were too small for me. I don't know whether a 29 would suffice or if I would need to size up to a 30 (which is my standard size in most stuff that isn't super vanity sized).
I miss otter. He was great.Every time I see the ToJ thread up toward the top of the recently updated list, I have to remind myself not to click. I probably signed my own death warrant by sending back a couple of jackets that had issues (wrong sleeve opening on one, wrong lining on the other). I miss those jackets, but probably the best thing I can do right now is put them out of my mind and have faith that one day in the future, they'll show up on my doorstep (or more...
New Posts  All Forums: