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Damn, if anybody picked up the Rogue Territory ISC Ranger jacket and it doesn't work out, hit me up.
I've come to just embrace the clownishness of my feet (6'1", 30 waist, usually a 38 / M in tops and outerwear with US 12 / EU 45 feet). I find overly sleek footwear doesn't mesh with the way I dress the majority of the time, and it's usually less comfortable than shoes with a shape roughly congruent with the shape of my foot. I remember shopping for sneakers as a kid, though, and thinking everything looked considerably better on the display model than on the monstrosities...
Agreed on wholecuts. More interesting than regular old captoes but not straying into unsightly or unseemly territory. Not that anyone else at the wedding will notice what shoes you're wearing.
I have a backpack vacuum (I believe it's a Hoover). My gf works part-time for a cleaning company, and it's pretty much the model they use. Each of their vacuums go through maybe three cleanings a day five days a week, and the only thing they've had to replace on any of them were the backpack straps.
Any codes for Dyson vacuums out there?
Any recommendations for a natural veg tan leather key fob, maybe one that's a loop, ideally with nickel hardware and relatively thick leather? Does Zara sell them?
Speaking of...feet? shoes that go on feet? do Birkenstock-wearing types prefer the regular footbed or the soft footbed? It seems like the soft footbed would be more comfortable right off the bat but might not hold up as well in the long run. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of Bostons to wear indoors as house slippers once the weather cools down.
I have a pair of the Big Bubbas, and I'd say they're TTS. Sizing down a half size might be uncomfortable.Was there a consensus on the fit and sizing of the last round of henleys?I'm tempted to get some stuff but may hold out for the u-neck pre-order instead.
Thanks for the input. Mostly I wanted to replace my whiskey calf ToJ CM, which I ended up selling because it was too tight in the chest. It was between the TS x Golden Bear moto and the SF x Luxire moto (because I'm into collaborations, apparently?), and the Golden Bear one fit pretty poorly (medium was tight in the chest but really boxy through the body). Luxire's mostly an MTM company, so I figured I might as well go with what they're known for.edit: Conceptually,...
New Posts  All Forums: