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Starks in green for dirt cheap, sizes XS - M: http://shop.mutinydc.com/collections/winter-sale/products/s-n-s-herning-stark-cardigan-army-green
This was a long time ago, but I think I remember someone asking about where they could get a long hoodie. Note that the pull strings on the hood are already as long as the body length on most hoodies. http://www.machusonline.com/products/trench-hoodie-olive
Yeah, I thought that was your interview. I'll keep those brands in mind as I keep poking around.
Looks nice. I might look into Schneider, although I'm a little intimidated. I'm probably taking "designer intent" too seriously, but I remember reading an interview (which I wanna say was conducted by someone on the forum) in which he basically said that his clothing wasn't easy to wear and you need to put a lot of consideration into how you're putting together an outfit with his clothing. That's probably an exaggeration or maybe an outright misinterpretation (or the...
EG chesterfield looks nice, but I'm looking for something a little longer, maybe closer to knee-length than mid-thigh.Agreed that the extra-wide herringbone may not be ideal.
I want to say that @brad-t has a pretty sweet one from kiryuyrik or something.
Makes sense that they might not want to maintain a forum, especially if it's not going to drive new business and they can engage through other social media channels with less time and effort.Stoked to see that the monster twill was fully funded. If everything is on schedule, I think the charcoal wool bedford jacket city coat should ship soon.
^ I assume this is just for normal length and doesn't extend to monkey arms, correct?
Barena Venezia and Harris Wharf London, for starters. There are probably a bunch more. Selection ebbs and flows and prices generally start pretty high, but if you're patient and wait for price drops and coupon codes, you can generally get a pretty good deal. As with all things Yoox, you'll see a bunch of odds and ends, extreme sizes and bad colorways, but you can find decent stuff like this Barena jacket in 100% wool: ...
New Posts  All Forums: