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My $500 jam, eh? Do they make versions without cross decorations on them? Decorative crosses aren't really my jam.Also, I thought Mario 3 was NES, not SNES. Great game regardless. And Chrono Trigger > Secret of Mana.
It's cool; this was an elective surgery to correct a locking finger joint that's plagued me since college (remarkably, countless hours of erging can apparently have a negative effect on your hands beyond just frequent blistering). I'll likely lose some mobility, but I should stop having to baby it every time I want to lift weights or open a stubborn jar of olives or whatever.
I guess I've never found a belt that hits the sweet spot of thinner leather, discreet buckle, looks good with jeans. I generally prefer a wider belt with jeans, and most of the low-profile belts I've seen are also narrower than I'm looking for.
Hand surgery, JE sweats to wear while recuperating from hand surgery
My main issue with belts is the unsightly waist-level bulge that shows under almost anything written untucked (and just say no to douchey buckle tucks).Yeah, rippling along the seams and at the hems is a good way to distinguish raw vs. washed.Also Chrono Trigger, with honorable mentions to the other Square RPGs.
UB wearers, do y'all run in them? I've been running in Nike flyknit free 3.0s and now flyknit motion RNs, but I'm curious to try UB uncaged. Got way more than I needed from the sale: alpine Escobars, dark navy and sage u-necks, and washed u-necks in a bunch of colors, plus I picked up some dark navy Escobars from Ssense. Hoping for more u-neck and curve tank colors for season 9. A version of the hi-tops with a zipper would be great, too, and would probably alleviate the...
Good looking out. Managed to snag one of those APC MA-1s that @sinnedk recommended. Figure it's worth at least trying out with free two-way shipping.
Would it be a dumb idea to have a cobbler add a zipper at either the inside or outside? I don't wear mine as much as I'd like to because I'm unspeakably lazy about lacing and unlacing boots every time I put them on / take them off.
25% off everything at Yoox. I thought this Dries bomber looked nice: http://www.yoox.com/us/41651159VK/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41651159VK&sizeId=3 Not sure how it fits, but someone who's feeling bold should buy it.
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