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The footwear game is much improved.
Got my New Haven chambray work shirt from the Unionmade warehouse sale. I'm really happy with it - triple-stitched with chainstitch runoff, selvedge gussets and interior placket, and a throat latch. The fabric is washed but not distressed and feels pretty beefy. I got lucky with the sizing on this one; usually the sleeves are too short for me, and IME RRL shirt sizing is kind of all over the place.
Dumb question that I'm gonna ask anyway: does the lower zip actually make a difference?
Need deets on that facial hair.
Engineer shirt and couro cromo trainers both look awesome. Great prices on both, too.
x-post from denim challenge:all denim.denimdenimrecycled denim(?)denimdenim [[SPOILER]] valuable lesson: white jeans look just as blown out as white sneakers when photographed by my mediocre camera.
all denim.denimdenimrecycled denim(?)denimdenim [[SPOILER]]
I think of COS as a little more specialized and Uniqlo as a little more generalized. Uniqlo does a lot more basics and a wider variety of stuff, while COS is a little more minimalist and...IDK, European, maybe? I have a couple of oversized silk-blend tank tops from them that I really like, although I go them at a pretty steep discount.
It's a quote from The Informant! starring Matt Damon.
Thanks for the recs. I definitely like crab, so I'll have to hit up some seafood establishment. I'm assuming there'll be decent coffee everywhere and at least some decent beer.Other than that I'm planning on hitting up the zoo, the aquarium, and a couple of stores (Blue Owl, Thurston Bros., Jack Straw), maybe find a place to hike or whatever.
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