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I feel like I should hate everything Fear of God does on principle, but I kinda like these:
There's a Viberg side-zip model, and they may make them in some of their roughout leathers.
Might work with CPs and slimmer denim, or side-zips as dieworkwear said. If you're going for something less sleek, I'd recommend combat boots over workboots.
I don't think the flight suit is actually meant to be worn; it's more of a prestige / collectors piece that's intended to push one or more themes of this season's collection as far as it can go. Like, if you look at all of the pieces lined up together, you can say yeah, I can see how a flight suit might fit in there; if you're looking at the pieces in the collection as actual things you might wear, like, in the world, the flight suit isn't going to fit in anywhere. Other...
This jacket is actually John Elliott: http://www.johnelliott.co/collections/outerwear/products/richmond-jacket-black-wool I do have a somewhat similar jacket from W+H from a few seasons ago made from a heavyweight indigo terry cotton (minus the front body seams and with a full-button front closure). It's a pretty boss jacket.
Fair point; I was mostly basing this on the contoured vertical seams along the front of the body, the visible overlock stitching, the small stand (throne?) collar, the high two-button stance, and the name. None of these are exclusively Geller's domain, and there are obvious differences (welt vs. patch pockets, vertical vs. horizontal orientation, chest pocket), but it's kinda funny how many things sync up across the two pieces.
I'd like to point out that even the name - the 'Richmond' jacket - is eerily similar to the Richard jacket. (Not saying this is an actual rip of the RG Richard jacket or that there haven't been plenty of similar offerings from W+H et al., but I thought the choice of names was kind of funny given the relative similarities between the two.)
Got shipping notification for Gap sweats. Might not get to me until the end of the week, though.
Thanks Mike! That sold me on the Big Poppa. It's hard to think about putting on a heavyweight flannel when it's still almost 90° in Philly, but I'm sure I'll appreciate it when the weather inexplicably switches from summer to winter while bypassing fall in a couple of months.
I just remembered that I paid $70 for my alma sweats and now these Gap sweats are the same price.
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