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If you're in a pinch for office-appropriate stuff, the 'qlo comfort jacket is pretty wearable with biz-caz stuffs: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-comfort-jacket-158106.html#68I liked it better when it was ventless (who needs vents on a jacket that short?), but I assume it's basically the same otherwise.The BBJ piece looks really cool, btw.
If you mean the one from S/S 15, I'd say it runs about a size small. I wear a 2 / M in the u-neck tees and a 3 / L in the mercer tank and curve tank. I picked up the linen M-65 in a 3 / L and it fits well but definitely slim. I could probably go up to a 4 / XL if I wanted a relaxed fit.
Hrm...sounds like I'll have to wait for the August pre-order in order to get u-necks. Hopefully the same or similar colors will be offered, because I'd probably buy one of each of those in a u-neck.
Good to know. I just don't want to miss the preorder. I assume there'll be a newsletter when it starts.
Has anyone heard anything more about the bamboo-sorona tees? Not sure if that's on hold until Mauro's back in the states.
I thought whack was a bad thing.
I think candy works. tulip used to, although I don't know whether it still does.
Yeah, that's the main sticking point. I might have an old AA terry cloth polo, but I got rid of a bunch of stuff last time I moved. I'd be interested to see what people come up with, though. Might be a good excuse to hit up a vintage store.
Piggy-backing on the last Regis fit and the "previous-level" concept, I propose the following:"Polo shirts: Because fuck you all."Rules:- Full placket exposure required, although layering in general is acceptable.- No popovers, collared sweaters, rugbys, &c. (must be a true polo shirt made from a jersey / pique / knit material).- Bonus points for popped collars and embroidered chest logos.
New Posts  All Forums: