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Also, they're made using human souls.I fucking loathe Paulo Coelho. Veronika Decides to Die pisses me off every time I remember it exists.Three Philosophers is one of the only fruit-based beers I can get behind.
In other news: baller sweatpants are now officially played out.
1. Buy whatever you think you might want online on the off- to very off-chance stuff sells out and isn't restocked.2. Wait a few weeks to see if they go on sale.2b. Buy the stuff again now that it's marked down and return the stuff you bought earlier.3. PROFIT! Save a few bucks on stuff that was - let's face it - not that expensive in the first place, but at the same time probably isn't worth the retail price.
Never has a phrase so perfectly encapsulated my aspirations in live as 'rural Italian warlock'.
Truly F/W '14 is the season of fast-fashion brands bringing baller sweatpants to the masses.- Gap x GQ's En Noir (sadly, not leather) and John Elliot + Co- Uniqlo x Plokhov (Unicloak?)- H&M x Alexander Wang
Yeah. If you have bigger legs, you might think about sizing up. The legs are pretty slim.
Non-cargo sweats and long hoodie just showed up. Sweats are pretty boring, just regular slim sweats but with an angled side seam instead of a straight one. I'm probably sending them back since I have the cargo sweats on the way. I kinda like the long hoodie. I have one coming a size smaller, too, and I'll decide which one I wanna keep once that shows up.
I don't know that there's a need for a different line/brand in order to only sell them the bloodline trousers and maybe the high-end dress shirts. The retailers that already carry WvG - Need Supply, I think a couple of local DC places - only carry a few items per season.
There are a couple of things going on here that are problematic. I personally find the striped shirt to be kind of douchey, but I'll try to set that aside. A striped spread-collar shirt is kind of dressy, way more business than biz-caz. I'm hard-pressed to think of a situation where that's going to work with jeans and sneakers. Ditto the addition of a necktie. Speaking of which, neckties look better with dimples IMO. It's not hard to dimple a necktie, and there are...
Basically this. I hardly even look at the site before the first sale. The navigation and user experience are decent, although I've seen it act a little buggy on rare occasions during what I assume were high-traffic periods (pages wouldn't load, weird error messages). Free two-way shipping makes it a lot easier for people to try out new brands and stuff where they're not sure about sizing. The brand mix seems pretty reasonable, too.Also, I wouldn't put my name in the...
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