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20% off at Gilt (www.gilt.com) with TAKE20. Not sure what they even sell anymore.
Wearing a bamboo-sorona u-neck as a base layer today. So comfy. I'd definitely buy more if new colors were offered. I'd love to see some tanks released in this fabric for summer. U-neck baseball tees could be cool, too (raglan 1/2 or 3/4-sleeve, curved hem).
Interesting. My problem is that I have a size 8.5 palm but size 9 or 9.5 finger lengths. Add a short pinkie and a longer-than-average distance from the tip of my index finger to the crook of my thumb, and standard gloves rarely seem to fit. Then again, I've never tried a pair of gloves from the better makers out there. It's possible that a nicer glove would fit better.
Did you go MTM or stock sizing? If the former, maybe you can answer my total noob question: do you measure along the contours of your hand (like with a soft tape measure) or in a straight line (like with a ruler)? (Obviously the circumference has to be with a soft tape measure.)
Digressing from Random Hiking Thoughts, I realized I omitted the accessories category from my 2016 best-of list. I'm awarding an upset victory to the Hender Scheme pig suede shoulder bag: I was sure my favorite of 2016 would be the Guidi Q10 I finally picked up. While I love the Guidi bag, I find myself reaching for the Hender Scheme more often. It's just so damn simple, practical, and versatile that it's hard not grab it when I need to bring along a few reusable...
I bought a pair from SoSo last year, and I'd describe the experience as 'mixed'. I ultimately ended up with a pair of jeans I was happy with, but there was a bunch of back and forth when my first pair came in more than a size too large (I'm a 30 waist and ended up going with a 27). Given, this was their 25-oz denim, so lighter stuff may be less of an issue.
Got my EFF Portugal shirt yesterday, wearing it today. Couple of thoughts: 1. The fabric is even better than I expected. Super-soft on both sides, even more interesting in person than it looked on the video, and has a nice weight to it. 2. For some reason I thought these were darts-only without the box pleat. Maybe that's just certain Portugal shirts (e.g., salt-washed oxfords)? 3. The cuffs are noticeably snug, like, even a little difficult to button over a watch. I'm...
I tried out one of their hemp 5-panels and the crown sat up super-high off my head. Not sure if that's the intended look or if I just have an oddly shaped head, but I wasn't a fan.
Same here.Re: shift toward Portugal RTW and Individualized MTM, away from NE and Gitman, I think it makes total sense. Neither NE nor Gitman bring the same level of brand cachet as Alden, and they're readily available from other retailers (and often marked down, as others have said). I was also never a fan of the box pleat + dart combo; I'm all for the darts, but I found the box pleat still made the shirt billow out in the back more than I'd like. I should get my first...
Gitman Vintage 40% off: https://gitmanvintage.com/collections/winter-sale
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