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Gaiz, save it for the anime thread. (10)x-post from challenge thread
Thanks, the Bert. It's pretty awesome but wildly impractical. It has hook closures instead of buttons, so there's no overlap in front. Also, there are only two of them, one at the top and one less than a foot down, so even when it's buttoned (hooked?) it's still open most of the length of it. The sleeves are also slim enough that they're a little snug over just the pullover I'm wearing, which I wouldn't say is all that thick. There's no way they would work with a...
My Yooxperiments were ultimately unsuccessful, but at least they showed up in time to post in this thread. [[SPOILER]]
116079 + 51 = 116130 switching to weighted pull-ups later this week, probably sticking with those for a couple of months.
Crazy indeed! Who would do such a thing? Anyway, the new trainers look great. I was thinking about picking up some MMM white/grey lows, but frankly I'd rather buy Epaulet trainers. The leather on MMMs tends to vary from year to year, and it's pretty easy to wear through the inner lining.If you guys end up doing a Philly trunk show this spring, it'd be great if you could bring along a couple pairs (preferably in big guy sizes ).
I'd say that the canvas Clyde pants fit like the officer chinos. Haven't tried the slim-straight pants.
I have last year's popcorn beanie, and yes, very easy to wear sagged if you don't fold up the ribbing. That's how I always wear mine. They slouch way better than hats that have seams on them, which can have kind of a rooster crest or squid head effect depending on where the seam falls. [[SPOILER]]
Not sure whether these are actually any good, but V-MODA Crossfade M-80s are $80 on Amazon today: http://smile.amazon.com/V-MODA-Crossfade-On-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphone/dp/B00I9UKKS0/
Yep, waffle leisure jacket from a couple years ago. Funny you mention the hat; it was the one thing I just threw on for the photo because someone asked for a picture of the WvG beanie worn slouchy. I'm picking up a marled charcoal cashmere beanie () from this year's collection that would probably work better, but it hasn't gotten here yet. FWIW, I'm actually wearing a light grey Ebbets Field 6-panel cap.
I doubt anyone from RRL is reading this thread, but I'll fourth the comment.
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