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FWIW, I'm pretty sure I could eat KBBQ multiple nights in a row while I'm in town.
I know you don't have a storefront, but is it possible to stop by and check some things out in person? You have a ton of really nice gloves in the sale section, and I don't know how to size them or whether they'd fit my oddly shaped hands (long, slim fingers, bizarrely short pinkies).@masshi, I saw the code in an email from fatwallet, which I don't recall signing up for but I think is an Ebates partner.
Of course. We're only human.
Tuesday works for me. We can be lame-bros together w/r/t limited drinking capacity.
Tuesday through Friday (so basically any time after business hours Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, although I gotta coordinate with a couple other people).
Ebay $10 off $50 until 6 PM with 'CFEBFLASH10OFF'
Uncle Nephew (and other NYSFrs), I'll be in town (Manhattan, at any rate) for a few days next week and would be game for some Korean food and booze (caveat: I am a very boring person and am currently limited in my ability to compensate for said dullness via the consumption of large quantities of alcohol).
Todd Snyder just released a few PF Flyers for spring. I'd be surprised if they were going anywhere.
Interesting...I'll have to keep a closer eye on Rakuten. I'm a 45 and take a 44 in the couple of pairs of Butteros I have. Thanks!
Thanks for the info, and those look fantastic. Unfortunately (for me anyway), I'm guessing that's a Japan-only model that isn't going to go up to a 44 (or 45 if they're randomly TTS).
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