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I'm one of the people who tried out the jacket. I liked the leather and hardware, but not so much the fit. It might work better for someone who's slender and doesn't have a significant drop. I found the chest, shoulders, and arms to be a bit snug but the midsection down to be oddly loose.
If we still had thumb comments, my thumb comment would be 'the best part of your fit is the look of regret on your face'.Bleu de Paname jacket looks cool. Wish outerwear was in any way an option right now.
re: sock talk, I like these ones from Uniqlo: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-pile-low-cut-socks-178360.html They're low enough to be basically invisible under regular sneakers (you might be able to see them under slip-ons), but they offer more coverage and stay in place better relative to footies. Also, they look slightly less stupid / like ballet slippers when you take your shoes off. They also make them in white and light grey, but they tend to sell out. I've...
Awesome. The heavyweight tee material sounds great. FWIW, John Elliot uses a supima cotton / micro-modal blend for the permanent collection tees, but I think they've only ever come out with a medium-weight fabric.
If anyone has an L in indigo or olive that they're looking to unload, I might be interested.
+ 100 = 56,470
Having a bunch of different WvG threads - most of which are locked in the former affiliate forum - makes it kinda difficult to find older fit pics. Here's one of mine.
Check out the Mr. Sparkle factory?
Cool. I haven't dropped mine off yet, but I'm thinking of splitting the difference at 8".
Looks good. What inseam did you go with?
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