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Wore my rigid brown canvas clydes from this F/W for a few days straight when I had to travel for meetings. It's really nice to have something that feels as sturdy and rugged as raw denim but is suitable for biz-caz purposes, especially when it's all cold and gross out. Love the metal buttons. I always feel like I'm going to pop (or possibly even break) a button on my rigid officer chinos with corozo buttons (or whatever they are), even if they look nice. Also, thanks...
I'd just go with somewhat more muted and a sluttier neckline.
This is more of a "someone tell me not to buy them, or someone else buy them before I do": Buttero Valstar:
Any chance there will be a collared version as well? I mean of the jacket, not the kid.
Rad, thanks for the update.I predict a growing trend of SFers and their SOs with matching his & hers WvG sweatpants and tees.
Yeah, I think there are still a few of us waiting on shirts. I think Mauro mentioned something about a shipping issue, although I forget when that was or if there was a status update since. Now that I think about it, this is a pretty unhelpful post. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a burgundy flannel once things get sorted.
13,800 + 200 = 14,000
Any reason you don't want black APCs? I feel like those are a perfectly cromulent option. I could go either way on Acne and Nudie. Both are fashion brands that I don't really think of as heavy hitters in the denim world.How about Pure Blue Japan's slim tapered fit? I think those go down to at least 27 and probably aren't as vanity sized as APCs. I know they have a no-fade black that you can get at Blue in Green. Not sure if you can find it cheaper direct from...
That looks pretty rad. I feel like you don't see a lot of jackets in that style that will actually fade.Unrelated - I ended up sending back the shawl collar stealth supply jacket. I bought a large so it would fit in the chest and shoulders, but it was really boxy from the midsection down. I'm sure it would've draped better after breaking in, but it looked pretty awkward on me IMO.
First is Spellbound, second is Momotaro, right? I tried on the Spellbound one at BOW and found the fit to be kind of awkward. I own the Momotaro one and I fucking love it. I'm pretty sure everyone told me not to buy it when I posted it here, but it's one of my favorite purchases of 2015. I recommend sizing up one from your normal American size if you go with it; I'm an M in most things and an L fits me perfectly.
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