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(not me) thrifted woot uniqlo nb squirrel
Not sure if someone else already responded to this, but I recommend using a garment steamer.
I prefer no vents on a casual sportcoat. I think it makes a slightly more casual look, plus they're usually a little easier to tailor.
Thanks, good to know.
Do they have a model that has both a side zipper and a blacked-out sole? I've never been able to find one.
Seems like one of the biggest concerns for winter boots would be salt build-up and its tendency to eat leather alive, so you'd want something that a) won't get chewed up, b) cleans off easily, and/or c) you don't care about/can replace cheaply and easily. Unrelated: I just found out I'm going to a costume party (nothing exciting, just some fundraiser thing), and I need to pick out a zero-effort costume. I already have everything I need for: 1. Dexter - pros: vaguely...
Yeah....it could really use more pockets, though.
KInda reminds me of the EG version:
Damn, thought you were responding to my post for a second.
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