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Moderatehomo, but that collar looks great on you IMO.
Long shot here, but any chance of a shawl cardigan version of the Adrian / Lounden sweatshirt? I'm thinking same fabric and ribbing, no hood, button front, handwarmer pockets. Probably too late for this F / W, but maybe next?
IMO the Butteros look a little more rugged with the metal eyelets, distressed sole, and toe cap, while the EPs look a little sleeker and sportier. Both are fine, just kind of different.
because hivemind
Rowing bros. I'm looking forward to some hand surgery hopefully later this year so I can start doing it again on the regular without worrying about a finger joint locking on me all the time.I'm a little concerned my T-1 won't fit if / when I finally get it; I've added a little too my chest measurement (just lats, no pecs), and the T-1 doesn't have shoulder gussets.
Stoked to see the changes opening things up more for new customers (and that WvG didn't switch to womenswear). Seems like all good news and a lot of potential for wider product offerings as the customer base expands. I'd love to brainstorm ideas to help with the referral process. I have like zero social media presence and always feel like a shill when I mention a brand anywhere other than here (and to some extent even in non-WvG threads. Would it be possible to get a...
Thanks, pretty sure an L would be falling off me. though.
Yeah, I kind of want to buy some of the current run but I'm trying to hold out for the for-real scoop / u-necks when they come out.
Free shipping at http://tres-bien.com/
I kinda like them. Somewhat like CP Bball hi's but with less branding.I feel like they'd look a little better in all white, but YMMV.
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