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Indoor pics didn't turn out so well. Might try to step outside at some point for better lighting. [[SPOILER]]
Huh, I've only had good experiences with Haberdash. They set aside an item that was returned when I wanted to exchange for a larger size, and one of the guys emailed me a fit pic for another item to help me out with sizing. I should add that these were both SNS cardigans, both marked down pretty heftily.
Awesome. Super-stoked to get mine.
28500 + 54 = 28554
Wasn't there a newsletter last week anyway? I forget the schedule, but I don't think they're supposed to come two weeks in a row.
While that is unquestionably an awesome jacket, this makes it sound like a pretty shitty music festival. I was selfishly hoping the harrington would be offered in sand or camel or olive or something...I already have something in diesel blue on the way and I feel like I can't justify that level of redundancy in my wardrobe.Anyway, congrats to Drew on the new restaurant. I'll remember to keep an eye on this thread now that it has hints about small-batch runs and the future...
I think failure : success is kind of relative. There are plenty of things I'll purchase with the intent of returning because I just want to try them on and handle them in person (Philly is something of a retail wasteland). Different story with b&s, final sale, and other non-returnable stuff. I'd like to think mine's gotten better - lately I'm trying to keep it to stuff I'm already really sure about in advance of having the opportunity to purchase it - but I still have...
Got mine today as well. Huge thanks to @nate10184.
Cut-offs should always show the pockets hanging out of the hem.I think the texture is the best part.
27995 + 54 = 28049
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