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thanks15 for 15% off at http://www.gentrynyc.com/
NC = Nigel Cabourn
I likes me some earth tones, but I'll give grey a shot next time. There's some brown and green mixed into the shirt that I think complements the pants, but obviously you can see approximately none of that in the photo.
They're actually somewhere between brown and olive, but point taken. What would you recommend instead?
Undecided on keep/return. Has less to do with cost (minimal) and more to do with available closet space (also minimal). Cozy but kinda boxy. Would probably wear with less slim jeans / less sleek footwear.
108,700 + 87 = 108,787 New PR for # of reps in a single set (26)
I'm slightly surprised that this works for you. I had a slub cotton version (not sure what season), and I ended up selling it because the sleeves were too short.
Not sure what season. Definitely the anti-fit cut, though.
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