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Only Bloor in Toronto carries the Made in USA line.
Anyone here own both the bush pants from FW11 and the chinos? How are the fits? Just asking because I bought a 29 moleskin utility pants and it was tight as shit, and the sz29 bush pants fit me really well. No idea what size to go to for the chinos. Thanks!
Anyone here own or tried on the FW11 W+H tweed down jacket? Just wondering how it fits, and how it compares to their older jackets. Their sizing can be pretty retarded at times where a size S shirt would fit me perfectly while an XS jacket would be way too big on me. Thanks!
I wear a 7.5US in Nike, 7US in Chucks, 6.5UK in Trickers and I find that 40 in Common Projects is a good size for me. I think a 40 for you is about right as well.
Need help with sizing, I wear a 6.5D in Red Wing 8130, would a 7B in Wolverine 1000 Mile fit me? Thanks!
Thanks man!
I'm having a problem with how W+H's pants fit. I'm a 30 in the moleskin utility pants, 29 in the camo bush pants and I'm planning to buy a pair of chinos. How are they compared to the bush pants? Waist and taper. Thanks!
When people (who are completely capable of just pushing the door) press that automated door option for the disabled people. Wtf's the point, it actually opens slower. Even worse when I'm already opening it, and the douche behind me presses it. It actually becomes heavier and harder to push.
Is there a difference in sizing between the Red Wing Gentleman Traveler's and the 8130? I've had the 8130 for 4 years, and I think it's time to cop a new pair of Red Wing boots.
Really, I gotta get there asap then. I was told they didn't have any smaller sizes left. They may have gotten them from a new shipment.
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