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Thanks man
Anyone have any experience with the quilted shirt? How warm is it?
Dude, no.
You won't even be able to get the %20 off alone on 3sixteen because it's a 3rd party brand.
Anyone here own both Red Wing 8130 and the Gentleman's Traveler? I'm curious about the sizing. I own a pair of 8130 and want to buy a pair of Gentleman's Traveler. Thanks!
How are their pants sizing? I wear a 27 in APC, 28 in W+H, 28 in EG. Are they similar?
Have you tried reading up PUA stuff online? I highly suggest it. A lot of people will be against it but it did help me a lot. It's not just about picking up different girls for sex. I find that reading stuff online helped me with dating. And for someone who needs instructions step by step, I think it will help you a lot.It does look like you're living a good life so that's a great start. Why not pick up a new hobby? Like... snowboarding/skiing during winter/canoeing,...
Preferably in darker colours. Thanks, Mark
Hi, I'm selling a brand new Barbour Bedale in black in size 36. It is in 10/10 condition, only tried on. Tags are still attached. Really hoped this would fit me as it is an amazing jacket. Price is $280USD shipped or best offer Thanks for the interest
The cords did come in the Davis cut.
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