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I went with the Crockett & Jones Hallem. Thanks everyone and especially the one who introduced me to this fabulous pair of shoes!!
thanks for the replies. One of the posters mentioned rubber soles on the ferragamos. What does the park avenues have? And are rubber soles bad? Thanks
I'm trying to buy a solid pair of black shoes. I've narrowed down the design to the ones on links below and the likes. I've been seeing many people rave about AE on this forum. I feel the styling of ferragamo is more to my taste..looks sleeker I feel. So what are the ups and downs of each pair of shoes? and ultimately which would you get if price point was not a factor?...
are you ever going to bring back the canvas backpacks?
Looking for some Best Buy gift cards with around $400. Will pay around 320 for it. Thanks.
I have the weaved leather bottega veneta wallet. It's a bit pricey but is super quality and I recommend it.
How big is the bag?
What was up with all the people selling incotex pants on here a few years ago? I bought a pair of incotex from someone here for liek 70bucks. Back then, I didn't know how much they are retail(400), and just went with the hype and picked up one of those. Were those pants real?(there were many people selling it big batches at a time) How were they able to obtain and sell those so cheap?? Just curious
I want to buy the belstaff 556 bag or something like it for under 200. Thanks.
ok actually ive changed the criteria for the bag. size doesn't really matter but id like it to be lightweight and have no rigid shape(like a computer bag or briefcase and the like) Ive found one I like: Belstaff 556. Does anyone know the quality on these? Other recommendations like this one would be helpful too. THanks
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