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i'm a 42r. the lapels are rather slim as it's a rlbl jacket
I meant I like large collars(which is what I think you mean by long collars). I'm wondering the length of the back of the collars makes difference of how much your neck shows from the front.True, I'm considering doing that, as soon as I'm just a little bit more sure on the shirt. I can always go buy one at the store.What color would you recommend? I'm the groom. And on the side, what do you think the width of the tie should be?
Ok.From looking at this: height is the back of the neck. Does that mean if a shirt's collar is high, a lot of your neck won't show when you look from the front? Just by looking at the pictures of the shirt I feel this particular shirt, has a low cut in the front, meaning it will show a lot of your neck from the front. I guess all I want to know is, if the collar is high, does that automatically mean it will cover a...
Yes. I think so. I'd like my neck to show more. So I guess I'm wondering if the shirt has a shorter collar.If anyone can recommend me a shirt with these characteristics, that would be great too!
Thank you! What I mean by size is, how big the collars look, looking at it from the front. And I guess by length, I mean how much of my neck would show.Thank you!
Sorry for my persistence, but is there no way for an advice without pictures? I've given fairly detailed description. I just want a brief, around the ballpark advice. I guess what I want to know is if the collar of the shirt above is short in length, and big in size. Oh and I think I understand Borrelli is quality looking at the replies. Do you know how a staple item such as this can be bought for a such a deep discount?
I've asked the same question (harmony between suit and shirt, and harmony between face and collar) in different threads in different ways, and no one's given me an answer. Anyone?? I have done some research on this forum and I think I get the gist of it, but I don't know how exactly to tell a collar on certain shirt is right looking at the numbers on the size and length. Please help!!
The thing I'm most concerned with is if the collar is good for my face and if the shirt looks good with the suit.
QUICK ANSWERS NEEDED!!! I'm getting married in a couple of weeks. I bought a ralph lauren black label anthony suit in charcoal to wear for the wedding and in the future. The suit fits great and I like it a lot. Now, I'm looking for the right shirt to go with it. I was looking at a borrelli shirt from Is this a good deal? I've never heard of the brand. Anyone have experiences? is it good...
Hi I recently discovered differences collars make and mtm clothing in general. I was wondering mtm shirt places do custom collars for the shirts. I've learned that face shape and size determines what collars looks the best on a person. Do they have different types of collars and adjust the collar height, size, etc? And does anyone know a good place around DC? Thanks in advance!!!
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