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Hi I wore a rlbl suit for my wedding and in person I though it looked great. But upon seeing pictures, the back looked horrible!! I have a BIG ass and I knew it might be a problem. It looked alright to me in person, but in pictures it really looks amplified! I know I have an option of purchasing an single vent, but I still like double more. Is there a remedy for this problem? Can it be solved by a good tailor? How would he go about doing so? Thanks!!
why do you say that?
My biggest question is the tie. If it looks good with a dark navy suit. And is it really necessary to wear a wedding tie(type of ties someone posted earlier)? any other type of ties??
Hi, the wedding is this Saturday. I need thoughts on the final outfit RLBL navy suit kent wang wedding tie(slim) c&j hallam in black Boutonniere what do you think? do I need a pocket square? Thanks!
post something useful newbie
I want to buy around 1500 dollars worth of saks gift card. any offer of any amount will be considered offer me!! thanks I can also trade for nm card
I'll sell for 800 firm
I want to know, rather, where you can buy shirts with low collar(so a lot of your neck shows)Oh and I could probably ask this tomorrow by calling ralph lauren, butt just wanna know real quick;do you know if I could exchange a rlbl suit which I bought at neiman marcus, for a same suit with same size in different color at ralph lauren?
I want to buy about 2000 dollar worth of ralph lauren gift card for about 20 percent off. I have about 900 dollars worth of neiman marcus gift card, which can be used in nm, bergdorf goodman, cusp, last call, horchow.. I can trade the nm card for rl card and pay the rest. Or I can also just buy the rl card. Also, I can just sell the nm card for 820. thank you.
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