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coated leather sounds nice, can you elaborate further? im unfamiliar w/ that style
quick question for all you guys....out of all the black leather boots that SLP offers, what are your favorites? i personally feel that black leather shoes are so plain, so i always rock my suede wyatts or chelseas. im thinking about a pair of black leather jodhpurs or side-zips to switch up styles. any input fellas?
this is great to know, thank you for sharingslann- prepare your inbox!
damn....i didnt realize prices were that different outside of the US. man, we are really getting KILLED here!!
indeed they did! i tried them on this past weekend and really liked them. in comparison to the raw black knee rips they have a tighter yet more comfortable fit, theyre not as jet black(obviously), also the distressing at the knee is less frayed, which ends up being much sleeker imo
the new suede jodhpurs really are beautiful in person. the color, the texture, the sheen to them....everything about the suede is just gorgeous. for perspective, i have nut wyatts and sigaro chelseas. these are a nice shade somewhere in between those imo. i tried them on as well, and these were noticeably more comfortable in comparison to the previously mentioned pairs that i own
killer look Prudy
kieran, im glad you posted that i just checked and they have the hedi 30 sidezips in my size too!! i didnt realize US retail is $1150 though :--/ does anyone have them and can comment on them? i have wyatts & chelseas already so looking for something a bit different, thanks
thanks dude!neonrider- the L17 looks GREAT! does the heavier leather make it more difficult to wear in any way? or i guess what im asking is do you think the thickness of the jacket would cause you to wear it less in certain weather/temperatures?
anyone here own SLP Rangers? i'm interested in a pair and curious to how they fit if someone can help me out. also ive seen single and double zip versions if someone can offer me an education. thanks
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