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how do i access the sale on the site? just add the promo code at checkout?
so i just got a text "Hey Shawn your jeans are ready at YSL" i completey forgot, but i purchased last years knee rips and gave them to the tailor at the NY flagship and told them to do some additional custom distressing. well now its about 2 months later and theyre done! lol ill be sure to share pics afteri pick them up
alright gentlemen, i cant take it anymore. i need myself a leather so next week im picking up an L01 and i request your help. i'm 6'3 and weigh 195lbs with a lean/athletic build. what would be the best size for a proper fit?
looks awesome. nice touch having the splatter shirt just peek out lol
thanks a million for the opinions gentlemen
the name sounds reassuring, im excited to learn whats happening in the upcoming week(s)also just a general question for you guys. out of all the boot offerings to choose from, if you could only have 1 black leather boot, which style would you pick?
Paul, check your pm!
do you guys recommend sizing down 1 in the mid waisted denim, compared to your usual d02 size?
that bleached shirt has really grown on me. great pickups neon
bawlin is right lol. i didnt like these jeans when i saw them in person, but you make them look excellent
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