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thanks a million for the opinions gentlemen
the name sounds reassuring, im excited to learn whats happening in the upcoming week(s)also just a general question for you guys. out of all the boot offerings to choose from, if you could only have 1 black leather boot, which style would you pick?
Paul, check your pm!
do you guys recommend sizing down 1 in the mid waisted denim, compared to your usual d02 size?
that bleached shirt has really grown on me. great pickups neon
bawlin is right lol. i didnt like these jeans when i saw them in person, but you make them look excellent
coated leather sounds nice, can you elaborate further? im unfamiliar w/ that style
quick question for all you guys....out of all the black leather boots that SLP offers, what are your favorites? i personally feel that black leather shoes are so plain, so i always rock my suede wyatts or chelseas. im thinking about a pair of black leather jodhpurs or side-zips to switch up styles. any input fellas?
this is great to know, thank you for sharingslann- prepare your inbox!
damn....i didnt realize prices were that different outside of the US. man, we are really getting KILLED here!!
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