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The boots are priced above $1000. I hope they will do a lined version of these boots with a simple brogue toe in the future
Just paid for the remainder minutes ago as well. I am super stoked and looking forward to receiving the boots. I really think MTO is a major part of the fun, to have the boots made to your special requests and you get to experiment a lit bit with options that might not have been seen before. If they could provide more information on the website such as leather swatch photos it would have been even more enjoyable.
was quoted for 6 weeks. after 5 weeks when I inquired the boots were already ready to go! have been waiting for days for the final invoice though...
Heavy weight sweater vest made by Japanese brand H.R. Market. Purchased a few years ago. It has been worn about 10-15 times a couple years ago and has been sitting in my closet for a long time. Dry cleaned last month and never used since. 100% Wool. Featured on magazines then and price was around $300 iirc. Size M. This is a lightly used item In good condition. Please refer to the photos for details and it is sold as is. Will be shipped from a clean, smoke/pet free...
I also think if the chukka has to be on 2030 last, that single leather sole / dainite combo would look better than 2060. Here is another photo that I found on twitter of the chukka (nubuck) on 2030 last:http://instagram.com/p/gbjlY-Lpn7/#The chukka in which I am really very interested remains ebony essex roughout + 110 or 2045 last + 2060 beige sole though.The very casual roughout leather + dressy 2030 last + Sporty wedge sole is really not a good combo imho. Viberg has...
Speaking of the choice of the last, I think if you are looking at non-2030 options, 2040 is probably the one that looks most similar to 2030 but wider in the toe. If thats what you want, why not just choose the 2030 last then? There are many other last options (2045, 310, 110, 160, etc) that look more casual and sporty, and in my opinion match better with the gray roughout leather. I might be interested in the gray roughout chukka depending on the specs.
Beta SL doesn't do the job on rainy days. I have two SL jackets that I like, but it's not for the wet weather. Once I ended up wet after being caught in the rain for 15-20mins. Another time my phone was damaged by rain in one of its zipped pocket. Go for the FL or AR if you really want to keep yourself dry in rainy season.
Teger is correct on what I meant.When I ordered my pair a couple months ago, cat's paw heel was still on the table with no extra charge (I went with dainite). Maybe it's temporarily out of stock? I wouldn't be too concerned with outsole choices - they all wear off in a year or so and then you get to make your choice again when resoling :P
it is from my experience as well that Dainite is much more durable than cat's paw. Besides, viberg only uses cat's paw heels, which makes it less tempting to go that route.
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