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to go meet up with ATC a few days ago for some business stussy goods Pharmacy stick lakai tee army surplus square duffle BDU's DSNB half cabs thrifted western tanner belt 'cane handkercheif RRL slim boot cut CH motorcycle boots cheers!
aa summer v tanner 'cane handkerchief lv loop old $14 501's number (n)ine cheers!
aa cardi aa henley black imperials cole haans to my friends 21 st birthday last night...hopefuly i can find some better pics than this cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Some of us don't have the leisure as you to have others take our pics or let alone BE in pics with you to show off your jeans and tshirt. your eyes and expand your mind...its called a self timer. gives you 10 seconds to snap a pic anywhere you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris In my case the combination of the mirror shot and the lense on my camera tends to make my noggin look HUGE in the pics, it's the main reason I crop it out w/head is always going to look better than sans head.... just change the angle if its not working for ya
i just wish you people on style forum would take pics that included the compeltely kills every single picture imo. We get no real sense of size or proportion. army surplus hat bullet supreme cut off BDUs half cabs cheers!
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