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SRG is right, 10 or 14 eyes is the way to go.
Sometimes you gotta get the girls jeans if you want skinny jeans and have to save some bread. I got some Levis 503's from a thrift store for 3$ and they fit well with no nut hugging, hell my Levis 511's hug my nuts more than my 503's.
Hello, I'm the new guy and my name is Chris. I had no idea where to post my intro post so I'm going to do it here. I'm a 20 year old graphic design student from Pflugerville Texas (Originally born in Austin) and stumbled on one of Get Fresh's Skinhead threads that I found very informative. I love DIY and Skinhead fashion and rock them both. I listen to mostly Gabber Techno, Punk/Oi!, Psychobilly, and Death Metal.
New Posts  All Forums: