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HNNNNNNG. How'd you get it for 90 jesus.
CRAP. I was looking for the Yohji and EG for days. Forgot I sent it to you.Speaking of things I'm gonna send you, does anyone want this duck down Willis & Geiger before I ship it off to him.
They're both fake, you should send them my way for disposal.
I'm Marty McFly.Nah, it's dated the Thursday of that week.
Too lazy for photos, but. And a fucking tank of a Willis & Geiger jacket.
I had a pretty good day.
whur da kool kids krue.
dat belt.
A mani you said?
Decided to hit one store on a whim. Glad I did. Yohji, Giuliano Fujiwara, RLPL, NWT J Brand, NWT RRL n/a Super recent Facconable SC PRL Corneliani SC RLPL SC Loro Piana SC Isaia Suit Kiton Suit.
New Posts  All Forums: