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whur da kool kids krue.
dat belt.
A mani you said?
Decided to hit one store on a whim. Glad I did. Yohji, Giuliano Fujiwara, RLPL, NWT J Brand, NWT RRL n/a Super recent Facconable SC PRL Corneliani SC RLPL SC Loro Piana SC Isaia Suit Kiton Suit.
;(I miss this.
That was inappropriate. Should have used a different example of pointlessness of internet arguments. Sorry if it offended anyone. I've got nothing against differently abled people. Poor sense of judgement on my part.
For sale/trade for SWD in large jackets, 36 pants, 11 shoes. Maybe navy suit in 42. No shirts please. Reasonable offers please. No "oh I thought you thrifted it for 10 bucks, how about 15 shipped for your Brioni jacket." No. First of all, it's like $25 where I live and secondly most of this is from my personal collection. Mostly thrifted, but some retail/discount. So, lets play reasonable prices, yeah? RLPL raincoat. Small. Fits closer to a medium, but then the hood is...
It's Margiela. Maybe they were doing the super washed look lol.
This is too much no.
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