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This is too much no.
So everyones always getting hyped up about my inventory purges with le FlorianQC. I think I might be doing one last purge, this time of my own personal collection. If anyone is interested HMTFU. Also includes most of the stuff I just picked up. Also this. I've been on the fence about getting MMM Gats and lo and behold, NWOB The Original Car Shoe Mid GATS. Hermes pents And grailed a Prada weekender.
Shit photos, cool stuff. Issey Miyake jacket (I thrifted this blacked out drunk), Wings + Horns and Taylor Stitch Chinos (Small fellas), Gitman Vintage (XL), Outlier (32) Chester Barrie for Carroll & Co jacket (44), Brioni, Paul Smith Mainline, Paul Smith London, Tom Ford AE, Peal & CO Got one of those football Brooks also. If no one wants it, I'm returning it lol. Got me some Fabrege Champagne glasses. Just in time for NYE Upside down Our Legacy jackets This...
+1 @TheNeedMachine its time for you to be a hero.Navy Suit BB3 plz.
Can I get a ride down? My tires are dead and the rain isn't gonna be fun.
morning from toni KRROOOOOOOOOOS.
BAYYYY AREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA I'm baaaaack. Spoo, Chanel? Most def n/a.
So I passed on a Camp-5 parka. Did I dun goofed?
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