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Quote: Originally Posted by Raven Thanks jhcam8. I have thought about Cartier Tank series... I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of it. At least, it's not something I have gravitated to. I really liked a GO I saw at a store. It was like this, but with only 2 chrono: Or something that looks kind of like this: Check out NOMOS,...
Quote: Originally Posted by NonServiam I picked this up from the post office on my way to work this morning. Oh, Rolex is such a slippery slope Man, look at the size of that crystal
Quote: Originally Posted by Raven Everyone, I was wondering if you can help me out? I'm trying to make a watch purchase (lets say $2000-4000, for the right watch $5000). I'm a girl, but I don't like the majority of women's watches (because they're too bling'd out, quartz movement, too 'cute', etc.) so I'm open to looking at men's watches too. Also I'm under 30 and working in a corporate setting - so I'd like a watch I can wear for that, or pretty much...
Good man!
Quote: Originally Posted by bhall41 In fact, if you were a serious diver you would not wear a dive watch while actually diving. While I appreciate the history and aesthetic of dive watches, I never wear one diving. Wrist mounted computers / digital depth and bottom timers are what are worn nowadays. If only I have a Biformeter that goes with it, voila ready for modern day diving!
I never really liked them but after seeing my wife and daughter going through so many different pairs now I at least accept them but certainly don't appreciate them. They're ugly but I was told that they're extremely warm and they do a fairly good job at hiding not so sexy legs of my wife
Quote: Originally Posted by JDelage Which one do you like best for diving? I can't swim so I can't really say which one, but hopefully that will change this summer
Not recent, but I picked up Dolce & Gabbana black long coat for $75 at Filenes Basement in Wash DC couple years ago, but still regret about not picking up this $125 absolutely cool looking slim fitted long coat by Vivienne Westwood. For recent score, I just picked up couple Diesel jeans for $39 each at Marshalls.
How about Panerai PAM 49? White dial, 40mm Face, and you can certainly find one at your price range.
Hello, Here is my modest diver collection and hopefully I will be able to score some good watches in 2011 if Mrs. allows. Zippy, I love your IWC Big Pilot, definitely next watch on the list along with Omega Ploprof.
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