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How about Panerai PAM 49? http://www.paneristi.com/reference/v...0/pam_49_1.jpg White dial, 40mm Face, and you can certainly find one at your price range.
Hello, Here is my modest diver collection and hopefully I will be able to score some good watches in 2011 if Mrs. allows. Zippy, I love your IWC Big Pilot, definitely next watch on the list along with Omega Ploprof.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Do you like big watches? I absolutely do except I have fairly small wrist and I do admit that some watches do look pretty funny (50mm U-Boat is too big for my wrist but what the heck). At some point, I stopped looking at watches smaller than 44mm when I look for another purchase.
Accidentally ran across this sub forum and boy am I glad to meet other watch enthusiasts. I am a diver watch collector and here is the most of my collection, sorry but all pics were taken with my droid so it's somewhat fuzzy. Hope to meet some of you at WUS!
Thanks everything for advice and jokes that helped me relax. Anyway, I got the final offer today and will start in mid Feb!
I have a job interview next week and from past experience I know I am pretty bad at it since I am still stuck at my current job for 4 yrs now. I recently talked to my buddy who's been job-hopping for years and after telling him about how I received no job offer from 5 interviews I had in the recent past, he told me it's probably because I started the interview with terrible impression; firm hand shake. According to him, firm hand shake generally means that I am trying to...
I will probably play PS3 during entire time w/ my dog laying down next to me. Heaven..
Definitely sounds like a good sign to me. I have an interview with big 4 next Thursday and I am scared shitless because I have keen ability to offend interviewer, probably explains why I am stuck with same company for 4 yrs now.. Fingers crossed as I really want to get this one..
I went to Boston couple months ago and had a chance to stop by at TJ Maxx to kill time and they had quite a few Patagonia Retro X jacket for $60.
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