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Just in case anyone is interested to know about the fabric contents, label reads Outer - 75% polyester, 25% rayon Lining - 100% polyester
For sale is brand new Technomarine TMY Magnum Chronograph Watch. Watch is brand new and comes in complete package with bracelet and strap. New battery was installed at local AD, and all chrono resets to zero correctly. 42mm and 200m depth rating. Watch is priced at $200 FIRM paypalled and shipped CONUS.
I've been sleeping on memory foam mattress topper and so far I love it. I believe it's serta and I bought it from overstock for less than $100 I believe. As long as it's thick it should do the job.
I bought a copy of LA Noire w/o wife's permission.
I was bit by full size Akita when I was about 7 yrs old and had to get few stitches on two areas from the bite, I am pretty sure I got tetanus shot because of damn dog almost punctured my arm.. Not sure if I received rabies shot.
Bump and price reduction - $142.50 paypalled
I work for big 4, hours are extremely hectic and real money doesn't come until you make to a manager. Many people I work with have CPAs and now they're studying for MBA or CFA so don't think getting the CPA will guarantee your career path. If you want to work in auditing or taxation, your chance of making a manager will increase significantly if you have other designation beside CPA. So if you're willing to put in time to get your MBA, I highly recommend you get it but...
SHIRTS ARE NOW SOLD, THANKS SF AND THE MEMBER Selling my old shirts as I don't fit em anymore. They are mostly 15 or 15.5 but refer to pics for the size. Couple shirts are missing buttons and it's easy fix at a cleaner. I am selling this as a lot for $150 Paypalled & Shipped CONUS.
It is automatic model judging from "chronometer" marking on the face, not sure about the year though. I believe this model was discontinued and now it's only available with co-axial movement.
Quote: Originally Posted by phailing101 Brings back memories of Mission Impossible! This is Juliet, Tom Cruise wore Romeo model in MI2.
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