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Just picked up Stowa Prodiver today! Will post pics soon as I am having hard time uploading pictures using Iphone as I recently switched from Droid.
Sweet original Ploprof!
Beauty, is that 112?
For sale is a watch that rarely comes up on the forum, Longines Hydroconquest Maxi Chronograph. Watch is in excellent condition, very minor swirlies on polished part of the bracelet and some scratches on the back side of lugs from changing straps. Watch keeps excellent time and chrono resets to zero correctly. Watch comes with outre & inner box, manual, OEM rubber strap, and OEM bracelet with full links. Depth rating on the watch is 300m / 1000ft. Watch is 47.5mm but I...
For sale is my Baume & Mercier Capeland S Chronograph. This was the watch that I've been wanting since I was in College but alas my taste in watches has evolved quite a bit since those days, it's simply too small for my liking at its moderate 41mm case size. Watch is in great condition with superficial scratches on the bezel, I did give it a good buffing with cape cod and it looks quite presentable now, I give it TZ 90%. Watch runs perfectly and chrono resets to zero...
And this is what I am wearing today!
I am contemplating whether to pick up IWC Big Ingenieur.. Jeweler I frequent had one in such attractive price ($6K while it's retail is little over $12K) but having no box & paper deterred me from jumping on it at the time and now I can't get this watch off my head... Another thing is, it was limited edition of 200 that came free with Mercedes SL 65 and there is SL 65 engraved on the side of watch case while I don't own SL 65... This model has IWC manufactured movement...
This sub-forum needs more pictures!! I feel like my ploprof is too not dressy for this forum.. and my latest acquistion (sorry about crappy pic)
Man, I love your FF!
Beautiful Railmaster, I am debating whether to get XXL 49mm version.
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