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Holy prime rib! Congrats and that prime ribs look delicious.
Bag of Doritos Cool Ranch..
My local Marshall occasionally get Prada & Gucci shoes but for whopping $300 although it's pretty random. I checked out the store yesterday and they didn't have anything interesting beside Mark Nason shoes @ $149, but last year they had bunch of John Varvatos leather jackets & Gucci Shirts & Sweaters.
Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox do the rubber soled ferragamo shoes last long? also what kind of construction do the rubber soles use? glue? blake stitching? depends? Depends on how you walk on them, some people just tread lightly and rubber soles will last forever and for me they usually wear on outer sides most always. I generally prefer leather soled ones since I had some issues with their rubber soles (vibram ones are worse!)...
I feel like where you put them is essentially what distinguishes between a handkerchief & a pocket square. If you put em on the front pocket, it's a pocket square, if you stick it on your butt chick it's a handkerchief.
Their sale inventory was pretty ridiculous. Last year, they had quite a few decent shoes marked down and had additional 50% off the marked down price but this year it was pretty much 50% ~ 60% off of retail price and most were ugly Prada & Bally sneakers.. Fortunately I was able score enough shoes to last me for another year.
I get made fun of my style on a daily basis at work so I hear you. We dress business casual and guys at work predominatly wear Dockers & Polo shirts so most people mock me for not shopping at Kohls or Target for my clothes...
Comfortable on both on the street and the golf course. Ecco's were one of the lightest shoes I've ever worn, can't say I dig their style generally.
AK46 & Turban.
I see them for $150 at Nordstrom rack all the time, marked down from $300 but my understanding is they have different lines that are more expensive I guess?
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