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Just wondering guys, how much of the following do you have? - Blank T-shirts (any colour) - Jeans - Khakis - Sweaters - Dress Shirts - Shoes - Cologne - Belts - Collared T-shirts (Polos) - Jackets .. Should be an interesting post.
1 word.. EBAY
LOL the commercials are stupid. You'll never see something like that...unless they're drunk girls. I personally enjoy Voodoo and Pheonix. They're good if you can't afford the expensive colognes
What do you think?. Click here
Thanks Navy.
Toronto..hmm I don't do much shopping in general now, aside from the internet. The internet is like a REALLY big bargaining centre.. haha ..and I need to save money....I'm only 16 you know Hahah
just wondering =)
Thx Navy, much appreciated. Well, my crazy styling all started with Ebay. Knowing how much brand name things cost, I logged on, and to my surprise, things were as low as 70% off, even new with tags. Here are some of the deals Ive gotten so far: - Burberry Jeans for $20 - Ralph Lauren Black Turtleneck for $4. - Banana Republic Black Turtleneck for $20 - D&G White Tank Top for $30 - Energie Gold White Dresshirt w/ Black Pinstripes for $60 - Diesel Jeans for $93 (kind of...
I use: Dark Blue - Hugo Boss Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani Cool Water - I forget who it's by Swiss Army Original Swiss Army Altitude =)
Thanks AlanC, Alias for the replys as well.
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