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Try Timberlands =)
I'm 16 years old, don't got much money. I pay $7...a bit too cheap, but I find it worth more than the price.
hey all, I recently made 2 purchases which suck from EBAY. I bought a ralph lauren polo, and chaps sweater. Both fit fine in terms of the length, but the person who wore it (yes, it was used) was a lot wider than me, therefore there is a gap between the shirt and my body at the bottom. How do I fix this? any suggestions? THANKS.
whats your favourite diesel art (pants) I like DIESEL KRAT ART 796
So yesterday, I went to the mall with my friend. I didn't plan to buy much. I really needed a dress shirt, and dress shoes. It was like my 2nd time walking into club monaco. So I walk in, and I walk right to the clothing rack. I have honestly never spent a lot of time in a clothing store. How long do you guys usually take to try on clothes? I was in there for many 30-45 minutes, which is a LONG time for me. Me and my friend just took a bunch of clothes, went into change...
i got a pretty good deal. 2 muscle shirts (me and my friend got 1 each, black ones) for $40 Canadian each. so like $20 for one..that's the only thing that caught my eye.
what do you guys think about MEXX? too gino/clubbing style?
Hey guys, I was just wondering, what do you think are the biggest differences between designer jeans and a cheap pair of jeans? Obviously quality, but do you feel better wearing a brand name than a cheap pair? Discuss..
where are they? Where are some good places to shop?.
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