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The last 3 colors are: navy, bronze and espresso.
Here are some color swatches of the t-shirt knits. If you are familiar with the boxer brief knits you know that they are light weight and stretchy. These knits are slightly heavier and not as stretchy. They are super soft and I have pre-shrunk them with an industrial softner. The first 5 colors are: heathered gray, lavender, pink, orange and heathered tangerine.
I will be posting some 100% organic cotton t-shirts this weekend. They are crew neck pocket t-shirts that will sell for $20. There are a variety of colors such as: heathered gray, lavender, pink, bronze, espresso, navy, orange, and heathered tangerine. I will post them on saturday with the measurements and color choices. Thanks guys.
Thanks Paul. The 2 small rust bamboo briefs have sold out. There is still availability in all sizes of the heathered tangerine briefs. More pieces coming very soon.
I have 2 pairs of rust colored bamboo briefs available in size small if anyone is interested. They are $12 per pair. Email me at if you have any questions.
Here are some more boxer briefs in 100% organic cotton. The color is a heathered tangerine. Sizes S-L available. These will also sell for $12. Email me at if you have any questions.
I wanted to update everyone on the tie dyed boxer brief supply. The small and large sizes have already sold out! Thanks Guys! There are about half a dozen mediums left. I have put in an order for another color, which is a brighter green. It is a tie dyed stripe rather than a pinwheel pattern. I will post them as soon as they are ready. Thanks again guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by photobooth I emailed Colby a while ago and this was part of the response I got back on August 10th: "I have not received my new oxford fabrics or my fall flannels just yet. I hope to have them within the next few weeks. ... The search is still ongoing for nice poplin plaid and striped shirting that will work for a dress/casual look." Hopefully we will hear something about those new fabrics soon. Sorry for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue Colby is this project still live? The project is still alive. Things got really crazy for awhile and I had to realize I could not do everything on my own. I have 2 more sewers now so we should see some more steady progress soon. Thanks for your interest. I appreciate it, Colby.
Quote: Originally Posted by laughter95 Hi guys, I've recently received a shipment of two shirts from Colby. They are perfect. We started by using the pattern of a sample shirt which fits me perfectly, and he just copied it exactly. Fortunately his make retails for much less than the forum affiliate's shirt. It's not exactly the same quality, but at the price point there is simply nothing in the North American market that can beat Colby's...
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