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that fit pic is bad and that schott is too long motorcycle jackets are not supposed to be that long. it looks like exactly what it is, though... a chinese/japanese interpretation on an american classic. that was made for fashion not utility
whats with the bottle cap trend....... "Oh that's just my butt plug"
that's how mine fit and i feel the same way about sizing down i think that they would not look as good if they were tighter but that's just me
I felt that way about the PS.. started getting anxious about how loose they were getting but there are always those days when you're hung over that you're glad you sized up haha
32s looks way better
Was searching hard for a black one when they got discounted (down to like 700 or so) would have been a steal
yeah but they will kick your fucking ass
613 (current) It's from wikipedia— well for starters it's made by TOJ... peep da link. there are leather jackets, and then there is the schott raw denim— upon first wear, you may think "IDK... maybe this is not my thing..." however, as you can see when sized correctly....
hxh schott does have a "slim" fitting jacket now i havent tried it personally. i like the way the 613 ( fits and feels and looks... honestly it's a classic.. but i was advised by schott that the 626 is the one you want if you want a slim jacket the problem with the 626 vs the 613 is that the 626...
stooges > 5zip all day every day
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