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Thought I'd jump on and answer a few questions that have come up on the thread. Fist of all though, I'd like to say thank you to all those who have left positive feedback about Aika products and even vouched for me personally. It is very much appreciated and makes me glad I didn't sell these jeans as a job lot to some discount store, rather than selling one pair at a time to people who understand them. Okay... Why aren't there any fade pics of the Jin. I...
Price drop is now updated on OP, (thanks j). Orders and/or questions, please send me a PM. David.
PRICE DROP Price is now US$79.00 + Shipping + 4% Paypal fees. Please note new shipping costs. The Post Office has put their prices up since last year. USA & Canada - US$35.00 Europe - US$40.00 Asia - US$30.00 Australia - US$15.00 A handy size guide. Sizing info: The feedback I have received from most folks buying on this forum is that sizing down 1 inch is the way to go. If you want to achieve the maximum fade contrast and can handle the initial...
I have no idea, sorry. I took a huge chance when purchasing as they are not available in Australia. Bought size US12 which is 31cm - too big for me. I had no idea that they had cm on the box, or I would have got the right size. Think I'm going to have to sell them. Nicest shoes I have ever seen.
Just received a pair of these in the mail, but they don't fit. Devastated; they are beautiful.
Could someone tell me how these boots size in comparison to a Redwing boot, or other widely available boot/shoe. I am in Australia and want to get my size right before ordering online. Many thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn honestly i think you'd have a bit of trouble getting laid there. Speak for yourself mate
Quote: Originally Posted by Richdog Harris Tweed bought online is as genuine as Harris Tweed bought directly from the Isle... it all comes from the same place doesn't it? As long as it has the Orb logo from the Harris Tweed Authority (the logo on the signs in those pictures) it is genuine. But if you make the trip you get to drink whisky with the local men and dance with the local girls. has links to some suppliers. This...
If you want to wear genuine Harris Tweed, take a trip to the Isle of Harris and buy it from the locals. Your tailor can make a jacket for you when you get back home. Without a doubt one of the finest places to visit in the world. I had the greatest holiday there in July of this year. Even met the Chief Executive of the Harris Tweed Authority.
PRICE DROP I still have stock of Aika JIN !!! I bought all remaining stock when Aika closed. When I sell out completely I will ask the mods to close this thread. Until then, Aika JIN are still available. I cannot post in my own thread or the mods will lock it because it is not allowed to bump your own thread without a price drop....... So...... As of now the price is US$89 via paypal. FIT PICS
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