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Working on the moustache.
Wheres the pic of the larger like rockabilly guy in raw denim with the ricks on?
Sorry, lets resume talking about cardigans that were played out two years ago. Great lineup.
Speaking of SW, I never saw it addressed on here, re: How to Make It in America namedropping South Willard repeatedly. Like those guys would be interested in 'Crisp'...
Thanks! Been wanting something in that kind've blue from this collection.
Ordered Balenciagas from Matches yesterday, am I going to get hit with obscene customs? I can still cancel....
Quietly, Matches and Ssense went to deeper discounts.
Sipang always coming through with the goods. Maybe one day someone will post up the video of him talking, and really freak you guys out.
4510 on McKinney.
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