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New with tags. Ann Demeulemeester Paper Jacket. Size Large. Retailed for over $800. The jacket is a dark black. I have included the 'lightened' pictures to show some of the details of the jacket. Fit pic stolen from lmaozedong. $225 1$99 shipped Measurements (approximate): P2P: 21.75" Length: 26.75" Shoulders: 18.75" Sleeves: 28"
Engineered Garments Workshirt. Size Medium. Used but in Excellent condition. $75 shipped. P2P: 21" Shoulders: 17.5" Length: 29.5" Sleeves: 24.5"
NOW OFF OF HOLD. Rick Owens Mollino. Blistered Lamb. Size XL. RU6762 LB. Color is Dust. Used, but in excellent condition. $850 shipped in the USA. Measurements [approximate] (The chest measurement is very approximate, as its very hard to take because of the cut and because there are no seams to measure between): P2P: 23" Shoulders: 18" Length: 26" Sleeves: 28.5"
I really like the all black Balenciagas.
^^^Haha, came in here to post a link to Mummas' thread: Also:
The Ghost Writer is really great.
Interview from 2009 I hadn't seen before. A little dry, as usual. Interesting that back then he states he's making about 14,000 pieces a season. I imagine most of it must currently be in Asia. Edit: Title changed. Non season specific now, well, that's not really true. We should get Mumma to come in here and curate this thread.
Those have been sold out for a while, they just haven't removed.
New with Tags. 3.1 Phillip Lim Salt and Pepper Sweater Medium. Retailed for $350. $95 shipped.
APC Bomber Jacket size large. In excellent condition, barely worn. $175 125 shipped. Pit to Pit: 22.5" Sleeve Length: 26: Shoulders: 18.25" Length(From bottom of collar down): 26.25"
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