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I pmed him Kunk, let you know what I hear back.
Where's the rest of the Schneider?!
No customs. Pretty sure they go Canada Post.
Ann Demeulemeester Cardigan. Size Large. Lightweight. Jersey like material. Used but in very good condition. Dark Black. $115 $105 shipped. P2P: 25" Sleeve: 24.5" Shoulders: 20" Length: 23.5" I know the #s seem a big, but the way it fits would probably be best for a 48 or 50.
New with tags. Ann Demeulemeester Paper Jacket. Size Large. Retailed for over $800. The jacket is a dark black. I have included the 'lightened' pictures to show some of the details of the jacket. Fit pic stolen from lmaozedong. $225 1$99 shipped Measurements (approximate): P2P: 21.75" Length: 26.75" Shoulders: 18.75" Sleeves: 28"
Engineered Garments Workshirt. Size Medium. Used but in Excellent condition. $75 shipped. P2P: 21" Shoulders: 17.5" Length: 29.5" Sleeves: 24.5"
NOW OFF OF HOLD. Rick Owens Mollino. Blistered Lamb. Size XL. RU6762 LB. Color is Dust. Used, but in excellent condition. $850 shipped in the USA. Measurements [approximate] (The chest measurement is very approximate, as its very hard to take because of the cut and because there are no seams to measure between): P2P: 23" Shoulders: 18" Length: 26" Sleeves: 28.5"
I really like the all black Balenciagas.
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