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Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin South Willard sale is up. Already picked up a BoO and Gitman shirt. Looking for more. So... How do the schneider cardis and crewnecks fit? I'm a 42 with wider shoulders, would the size 6 work for me in each? I've been on a knit kick recently and have sworn myself off of them, but the temptation is too strong here Edit: Got the crewneck. It should be fine, even if a bit oversized Fingers...
gitman vintage yellow large and wvg lavender buttowndown sold to me.
Same here. I'm 6'4, 185lbs. Just got a couple in the mail (15.5x34) and the shirts are too tight in the chest.
PM sent on med. plantation madras.
Went to the Dallas BB today. No extra slim dress shirts, only sports shirts. I was told that for the most part BB stores now only carry non-iron dress shirts. So ordered a few OBCD online. I see they now have blue and red striped OBCD (which must have just popped up or that I somehow never noticed before).
Appointment in Samarra
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