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Yeah, definitely done on Ricks.
I always thought your CP size was like the first thing you learned as a member of SF. A rite of passage.
I think more stuff at SSense made it to sale.
The Corner... We can return stuff right?
I'd disagree. Its one of the few men's fashzun blogs that's original content, interesting subject matter (find another blog focused on jil/raf etc), that isn't just a reblog tumblr, or a look at my new bag/louboutins blog!
If you aren't reading his blog, you should. http://hapsical.blogspot.com/
Go away.
For all you asking. Tres Bien Shop. Your winter coat is one of the most important wardrobe picks for the season. We have a whole bunch of different wool coats, parkas, down puffas and jackets. We want all of you to own a favorite winter coat and therefore we off 20% ON ALL OUTERWEAR. The offer is valid starting now until the 13th of November. Use the code "BECOOLSTAYWARM" when checking out.
Yeah word to Shah. Balenciagas and Lanvins for the whole team.
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