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Thought about this Snow?
^^^^Code has been around for a while. And its only 30% off. And you do NOT get to deduct VAT.
I'm on board with this new 3.1Phillip Lim stuff. Picked up the peacoat with leather sleeves and a white button down, thought I would definitely be returning, but they're both really nice. Good materials and details. The peacoat looks awesome buttoned with the collar up like this:
Old 501s tapered below the knee.
Anybody else ever worry Yoox might suspend their account? When I start thinking about the untold number of items I've bought and returned....
Somebody please ban him.
Its really a Prada size 9, so would fit a 10.5 or 11 USA best I think.
^^^^Wish they really were for monster feet
I have the following NEW pairs of Lanvin sneakers for sale. All come with Lanvin box, extra pair of laces, and Lanvin shoe bags, unless otherwise noted. All prices include shipping in the USA. I am posting the Lanvin size marked on the box and on the shoe. Lanvins normally fit 1 to 1.5 sizes bigger than marked. 1. SOLD Black/Black Patent Toe. Lanvin size 7. Probably best for a US 8/8.5. Does not include extra laces/shoe bag. SOLD shipped. 2. grey/green...
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