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Anybody else ever worry Yoox might suspend their account? When I start thinking about the untold number of items I've bought and returned....
Somebody please ban him.
Its really a Prada size 9, so would fit a 10.5 or 11 USA best I think.
^^^^Wish they really were for monster feet
I have the following NEW pairs of Lanvin sneakers for sale. All come with Lanvin box, extra pair of laces, and Lanvin shoe bags, unless otherwise noted. All prices include shipping in the USA. I am posting the Lanvin size marked on the box and on the shoe. Lanvins normally fit 1 to 1.5 sizes bigger than marked. 1. SOLD Black/Black Patent Toe. Lanvin size 7. Probably best for a US 8/8.5. Does not include extra laces/shoe bag. SOLD shipped. 2. grey/green...
In memory of RFX45. Yeezy approves of your Lim.
Perfect. See you, Sha, and Kunk at 3pm? Meeting of the 6'3" + club. I'll bring the double shawl collar pullover I purchased from them last season, would work perfectly as a pup tent if anyone else would like to join.
^^^This. Never had a problem with shirt sizing, but Knits/Jackets are all over the place. However, just received a SS sweater and cardigan from wrong weather, and my sizing guesses were right on!
LVR Sale some more discounts +designers added.
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