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ON HOLD Rick Owens sleeve double layer tee. Black. Size Large. In excellent condition. $125 shipped. ON HOLD
New with tags. RRL shirt size Medium. From the Alaska collection. Retailed for $185. $75.00 shipped. P2P - 20.75" Shoulders - 18.25" Length - 31"
New without tags. Patrik Ervell FW 10 Knit Cap. 100% baby alpaca. $60 shipped.
Patrik Ervell Cadet Sweater size Large. Worn one time. Excellent like new condition. Note: Pictures of sweater on hanger and of tag are mine. The other two are not mine, but of the exact same item.
New with tag, Patrik Ervell SS11 Pocket Sweater size Large. Navy. 100% Pima Cotton. $175.00-$160.00 shipped.
Badlands is my favorite of Malicks. He was walking around filming at Austin City Limits festival back in September with Christian Bale, while I was there, and somehow I missed him
Saw those Pythons on SZ. Really great.
Yeah, I've been waiting for the Ann mid buckles to hit sale in my size, I imagine being a 45/46, but haven't had any luck. Anybody know exactly what sizing is like?
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