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If you pledge too you might get one too... Kickstarter is a social funding platform where people hoping to fund a business or creative idea ask for funding... catch is the person has to raise their desired amount from pledges. In return these businesses offer incentive items/products/samples etc. A young lady named Mandy Kordel (note: don't know her) is looking for $10k to start her knitwear business - she needs it to attend Capsule show, buy yarn, do photo shoot,...
Looking to buy recent model NWT Navy sport coat - to fit 42/52R (in certain makes I am 44/54). Preferably Zegna, Loro Piana, Borrelli, RLBL, RLPL, Caruso, etc. - Wool or Wool/Cashmere mix - Pick stitching - Surgeon cuff capable cheers Andrew P.S. entered $1 to pass form validation.
Looked around for an online shoe store feedback thread and didn't find one, so hope you don't mind me starting this one. Have been looking for a pair of dark-brown/mahogany brogue boots and reached out to Richard at the Shoehealer. I have brought from him before, have never met him, but he can advise me on fit based on past experiences. I am a US10, slightly narrow, with a low instep. This translates to a 9UK in most makes/lasts (except C&J 337 and Loake Capital where...
3 cufflinks arrived today - really impressed and total bargain. Excellent seller.
Dude, that is not tartan, that's a variant of glen plaid. Tartan makes one think of green, red and black kilts - you might want to edit the title
bump for the fast response - looking forward to receiving my order
Anyone have experience or opinion on Hart Schaffner Marx MTM? My tailor showed me a recent example for one of his customers; fully canvassed, "American Modern" fit, FF, Loro Piana 150's, nice handiwork (pick stitching, ticket pocket, working buttonholes). This suit was going to be around $1500 but HSN custom can start arpund $900.
This has to be worst organized sales thread I have ever looked in, sorry for the bump
If not sold already, what are measurements on 3 piece (specifically inside leg, length of sleeves from shoulder, length of coat from bottom of collor, etc) and is hem finished?
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