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Hello, For sale is an oatmeal colored Wings and Horns wool/cotton shawl pullover from the 2012 collection, size large. It has definitely been worn once, I'm not sure about a second time. It has definitely NOT been washed or dry cleaned and still smells new. I can't pull off the shawl look, so it has been folded in my closet and rediscovered recently. Because it has been folded, you can see a small crease in the center that I have not done anything to flatten (for full...
I am interested if someone else can take the reigns
PRICE DROP Brand new with tags. From UNIONMADE. New England Shirt Company Size M Color is Blue/Grey with thin white stripes. Shirt is too small for me. Made in a the USA Pit to pit is 21" Bottom of Center Collar on the back to the the bottom of the Shirt 30" Sleeve is 26" Retails 175$ Much cheaper than you'll find on discount when unionmade has their sale. Thank you
http://www.ebay.com/itm/290998357565?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Almost new Alden Day Tripper Boots. LTD edition boots made for Leffot in NYC. Size 9.5 E in the Barrie last. In my opinion rarer and more attractive than the Indy. Retails at 520-550$. Tried on twice inside, but they were too long. NEVER WORN OUTSIDE. Rubber commando sole makes it a bit more rugged. The boots have spent most of their time tucked under my bed in the original box which...
I wanted to resurrect this thread now that I am in the same position as the OP. After sorting through it, the best options seemed to be the Epaulet Rudy (not made anymore) or potentially the J crew slim fit. I was wondering if there are any new suggestions. The Epaulet rivet chino has a decent amount of leg room, but I feel could use an extra .25 or .5 inches on the thigh. Is there something out there that fits and looks like the Unis Gio that can accommodate a large...
How does the barrie last fit compare to the red wing iron ranger? I ended up getting a 9.5 E in the alden. I usually wear a 9.5 E in the Iron ranger, 9.5 EEE in the AE strand, and a 9H in the RM Williams craftsman. Any input on how the 9.5 E in alden compares to these shoes would be appreciated.
Curious to see how the same size Iron ranger boot fits compared to a boot in the Alden barrie. Which is wider and which one is longer? How about the fit?
Just curious to see pictures from the latest shipment. Anyone takers for spearheading the next order...
Pulled the trigger on a pair of All Rounders in 9H. I sized down 0.5 instead of a full size based on complaints that the shoes run short. I was wondering if you think a 9H would be appropriate based upon some other shoe sizes Iwear, which are red wing iron rangers- 9.5 2e allen edmonds strand- 9.5 3e clarks db- 10 chuck taylors- 10 How does your RMs fit with respect to other popular shoes that people wear?
I would be interested in picking one up as well if there is another order.
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