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Wha? Founders circle prices but:
Thoughts on Grandioso? Had the Brit LFDC Gran Cano, delicious cigar. Smoking a '12 JL#2 now, very solid.
Guys, between all the quoted posts, I can't tell which color this is--is it pallissandro? Or grigio/antracite? Want for an MTO.
I'm not up on Reddit, would someone mind posting a link? And also, dig on the multi-colored flannel in the newsletter. Would anyone else want an AD or BD in the currently out Gitman white/black buffalo check fabric with specks of color?
Re: J Gilbert 2014 list, does anyone have a pic of the green hunting suede? Interested...
This is after they have settled a couple weeks. Okay now, very likely epic in a few years.
I'm a Barrie 10.5D/Grant 11 and I was a bit worried about sizing. But try-on after a long day with thin socks and they feel amazing, not as stiff as I would have expected. Not sure whether I'll be in touch, but thank you, they are gorgeous.
Got my 11D's, this is indoor with flash and industrial carpet, but just unwrapped:
Seems to be just 11D left now on the Lindricks...I was meant to purchase them.
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