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Man, you guys are too fast. Missed the green oxford, the arcade, and the sunny madras...
Monte 4 is the highest volume cigar they produce and can be spotty. I like the 5 better, more consistent. RASSC often need a little time, so to smoke fresh I'd look at Rafael Gonzalez Perlas, Party shorts cab, Bolivar coronas junior (my fav of the bunch). For robustos, boli RC, Epi 2, PSD4, Upmann conn 1 (not technically a robusto, but...)
In for green shell/loden suede
Many LCDH's charge in Euro still. Partagas D6 has been released in boxes of 20 as well...
La Corona factory, Epi de Luxe.
Do you have a link? All I've read indicates otherwise; the embargo is still in place, restrictions on travel have been eased to $400, with $100 of that for alcohol/tobacco for personal use.
I, too, love the grey side of the moon...only $500 more MSRP than the black, but with the 'dusty' platinum dial, it's much better looking IMO.
Sadly, getting an error when trying to add to cart...thanks for the heads up, though. On the phone to TSM now...
Ep email boxes are full 'cuz of the sale, I'm guessing---for the OSC cross grey parka, if I'm normally an Epaulet L, would the remaining L be frumpy if I don't size down? Or decent, given the arctic hellhole that is New England right now?
Yup, these MTO cords:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/made-to-order-trousers/products/epaulet-made-to-order-trousers-wide-wale-corduroy
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