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In for 52. Think a couple others wanted a gentleman farmer/hunter jacket as well...edit:
ULA '14, meh Imperiales.
For shame...my email was in my drafts folder. Sent in now, apologies for the delay everyone.
Emailing my info now. Does anyone remember what the whiskey shell Harlech GMTO last was? I took at 10.5e for that...wondering what size for this.
Nice work, thanks!
In, hoping I make group one.
Would prefer regular eyelets and Galway-style pulltab here.
Note that A comes with a black croc strap, or should. I made this same decision a few years ago; I wanted the limited edition, like the syringes, and that the 'rustic' brown cordo strap came from Casa Fagliano (Argentine leather polo goods). If the strap was a generic brown cordo that had no ties to the origins of the Reverso, it would probably appeal a lot less. But I had no cares about resale, as I still intend to have the rear face engraved. The only con, if there is...
CCE is one of my favorites. Like it marginally better than the lancero, and probably the cigar I have the most boxes of. An '80's version in cello was one of the best cigats I've ever smoked. And while both Esp 1/2 are great/most consistent Montecristos, I prefer the 1 for flavor depth and progression. Just snagged two boxes of '11 Fundadores, ROA (?) code.
Starteding from the bottom pants are here: Cold Hard Cash donegal, Space ghost super 130s, REDA champagne hopsack!
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