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Haven't yet, no, have a box on order but it's coming from a Swiss friend and not a vendor, so gonna take some time. Price is relatively reasonable.Smoking an unknown Coro right now.
Any swatches? Edit: nm
If anyone is proxying the Salt sale, I would grab 2-5 frames and make it worth your while.
Fantastic! Going tomorrow to try on the new Tank MC in steel/white. Short of buying Dino's Tank, it looks pretty attractive.
52 Valstar field jacket was in my cart this weekend and I was sniped! Bastard... Making up for that outerwear loss and picking up the Eidos field jacket and Mackintosh Alva, finally.
Speaking of Explorer 1's, this is obviously overpriced, but I don't think I've seen a 1016 that looks to be in better, unpolished shape. Or at least for a while. http://www.europeanwatch.com/20495.html
Hoyos are okay but they don't hold a candle to the 90's ones. Those are epic
Really quick question...Monitaly jacketing roughly TTS?
Yeah I got an '11 Serie A cab before the disappeared. Hoyo DC's I'm still working through an 08 and 10 DB or else I would have sprung for those. Getting too cold now for DC's in MA anyway. I'm looking forward to the RA Perfectos for Switzerland.
Naw, don't think I've had any since a 2007 cab I have buried. Don't see much press about the recent ones on the forums. You? Recent Regios very good.
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