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Not sure how much of a premium people would ask for them, but if possible I'd look on secondary market for UPE late '13 codes...LUB early '14 is good but the late '13 was OR.
Provincial factory code rolling a flagship marca--run away! At least grab Upmann, Partagas, La Corona factories if not el Laguito.
Moar Individualized shirts from the recent fabrics with bolder ' & white OCBD, red seersucker, cream/teal gingham: Plus some Habanos in the 'cigar' style pocket, felt appropriate:
Will x-post once I get caught up, but these arrived during my last trip. Individualized Epaulet Albini ocbd w/cigar pocket, here with Partagas 160th Humidor robusto extra, '02 ECA Sir Winston, '90's Monte Especiale #1:
Only 50+ I enjoy are Connie A, San Juan, OR BHK 52/54, book and humidor cigars.
Did you get the caramel boat shoes lined, or no?
Will do. Smoked this shitty Famoso and 80's Churchill, 80's Palmas Grandes, and others yesterday...
Placement doesn't matter for such a relatively smaller humidor--I think whatever looks best to your eye aesthetically. Just grab some Heartfelt cigar beads. @jetI'm enroute to San Diego for a big herf now til Sunday. Were you planning on stopping by at all?
I've definitely viewed the last 8 or 10 years as a golden period in which to stock up on things, as my tastes have gotten more defined. Today's smokes were an 02 CoRo, 06 CCE from PLM, and 13 JL#1 from PSM. We had chatted about blind tastings here earlier...I wound up running a blind tasting on a cigar forum I frequent. If anyone wants to participate, I have 3 ready to go. Two robustos, blind, that's it. I could put more together, but I wound up making the three...
@mosivy My only suggestion might be to alter your script posts to have a bigger thumbnail. Makes it more efficient to scroll visually.
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