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Not cheap, it's on par with the newish Hoyo San Juan. And it's a crowded field between the Mag46/50/Connie #1/A. Connie A is a little more suave and polished than the Connie #1, which I find is more of a straightforward, no-nonsense Upmann. Slightly larger breadth of flavor, #1 is a bit narrower (nothing wrong with that). I'd only bother with the early boxcodes, UPE fall months '13. LUB '14 is decent but not as good.
2012/13 RASSC are great. Have a handful of boxes tucked away. Recent La Fuerza, meh, and very good OR Connie A tonight.
Yup, RC black hybrid is a great sweatshirt. Rocking that today with the black shell sneaks!
How did I miss the polo wingtip boot
Speaking of tennis trainers... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Great choice! +1 to the fellow owners here, what, that makes 4-5?
No irrational exuberance here!
Did you get a tracking email generated? I haven't yet.
Never liked button boots 'til now. Those are stunning.
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