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Sorry for the bad lighting, I cranked up the exposure to better see the "Stuntin' like my Santa" pants from last week. Also in RLBL velvet blazer, local flowers, and a nice Chianti (1995).
Great updates! Agree on Charlottes, they're superb--my last box is '98 and I'll be sad when it's empty. OR Connie A has been a go-to for me the last couple months, they've really been hitting the spot. If you make it to Bourdon House (Dunhill) I have a partial '87 box of RyJ Coronas you're welcome to dig into.
Anyone tried on/purchased any of the eveningwear? Thinking about the blue velvet Jort.
Ehh, figured firearms can be a divisive subject these days. Not that there's much wrong with homemade duck confit, but I err on the side of caution :dunno: It's a 12-gauge Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico, great gun. Though actually a Memovox might be more appropriate to let one know when it's shooting time.
Catching up while post-Christmas duck hunting, sans ducks. If for any reason pic is nsfw or offensive, please let me know and I'll remove.
Just had one of the coh vintage 07 Choix, sort of meh. Not as floral as I was expecting but needs some rest. How was the '14 esp2?
Definitely a cigar worth retrohaling!
$2200, if it's not too late for a new client intro.
Not cheap, it's on par with the newish Hoyo San Juan. And it's a crowded field between the Mag46/50/Connie #1/A. Connie A is a little more suave and polished than the Connie #1, which I find is more of a straightforward, no-nonsense Upmann. Slightly larger breadth of flavor, #1 is a bit narrower (nothing wrong with that). I'd only bother with the early boxcodes, UPE fall months '13. LUB '14 is decent but not as good.
New Posts  All Forums: