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So want both Poas. Any fit pictures from compulsive shoppers would be appreciated...
Had a 'meh' '11 Hoyo Churchill, custom robusto, and slightly enjoyable Monsdale last night...maybe my palate was just off. Was the German RA beli good? I remember them being very strong.
Anyone have a Brooks Bros code for the waxed canvas boat shoes? They look great.
Got my tracking too. Come on Parcelforce...
Haven't checked in with you guys in a long time, a wedding picture from Saturday late night...
In an unrelated post, if size 10 in the Heschung Mustangs is slightly tight, not broken in, would 44 be a decent choice for the Buttero lows?
Excited as well...more excited for her to take a quick cellphone snap of how they look!
How was the Lusi GR? Normal Lusis don't do anything for me.
Another interested party here for the Rain last Vegano Brown calf Chelsea. Pull tab and Danite?
If they have Trin Robusto T's, buy.
New Posts  All Forums: