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I've definitely viewed the last 8 or 10 years as a golden period in which to stock up on things, as my tastes have gotten more defined. Today's smokes were an 02 CoRo, 06 CCE from PLM, and 13 JL#1 from PSM. We had chatted about blind tastings here earlier...I wound up running a blind tasting on a cigar forum I frequent. If anyone wants to participate, I have 3 ready to go. Two robustos, blind, that's it. I could put more together, but I wound up making the three...
@mosivy My only suggestion might be to alter your script posts to have a bigger thumbnail. Makes it more efficient to scroll visually.
Dig the Artisan collar. Looks perfect with the shirt and sport coat combo. Are there any pics of it buttoned with a tie on for a bolder look? Sorry I couldn't make it out to for coffee on Friday morning in Brooklyn--Thursday evening got pretty hairy. I'll email you when I'm back in a few weeks!
@saint eBay probably is the primary market, but certainly couldn't hurt to list on B&S. Never know. Trini 40th's are superb cigars, Krish! Ravi still has AME '13 Hoyo Epi Especial tubos, same factory (la Corona) as those PL Montecarlos I think you probably grabbed.
@jet Party P1 jar on auction on FB group...$500 starting bid is ouch, though
Sort of a hunting coat or hacking jacket?
V, San Juans are good. Happy to send you a pair from the box if you'd like to try. Later production not from La Corona factory, unsurprisingly not as good. 06 Corona Especiale from el Laguito. Lighter than I like these, but might be travel sickness.
To keep a good thing going, I'll take off $50 courtesy of @mosivy.
One last kick for the dead horse (cordovan pun!): Did the forex surcharge for paying in USD exceed $2.63? Because that...makes all of this null and void given the surfeit of non-FX fee cards.
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