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Nice! I ended up grabbing some MUO PSD4. Curious. I don't like MUO '14 Cohiba Robustos at all, prefer the '13 BTO, but we'll see. Also 2x LGC#1 incoming from '02.
I wore mine a bunch in the worst winter in Boston's history...it's pretty diesel. It's only too warm if you have too many layers on underneath.
Spurred on by all the Reverso talk, I saw that J C Randell retired a few months ago--who's the best out there now? Unfortunately missed out on having him do it. I'd prefer an artisan over sending it to Le Sentier.
I think that might be the version that had a iffy engraving on the back. I like the 378858J variant better, the duoface ultra-thin bleu...or, the 'bleuface.'
I'm not too experienced with them, to be honest--very hit or miss cigar for recent production I've tried from 04, 07, onwards. I've had really excellent older examples (late '90's) from friends, but there's a reason it's an iconic cigar. I hate the Wide Churchill size, but I've had a couple decent 10-counts of those; more consistent and flavorful than the flagship for me.
Also MUO PSD4...that's interesting. There was a MUO '14 RyJ Churchill batch that came through that are secretly Esplendidos, according to the fora.
Recent COH list has MUR SEP13 RASS cab, paging V@jet
Whenever I see Ends, I just hear "eeehmz" in my head now https://open.spotify.com/track/29ZSk6XmWPx3DX69xBb7Yi
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