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Upmann afternoon...'11 PC, 10 Noellas, 08 Sir Winston. First cigars in a long time.
There will always be more BHK54. The trini 40ths do not suck.
Re: above, recent Hoyo Epi2's have been really nice. (mid 2011).
Ronnie, you were right on. VR was like smoking a dark chocolate version of Nutella. Fantastic cigar.Re:above, I find Gold Medals to taste mostly like dirt. In a good way, if that's possible.
V, I got some 08 Serie A's. I'll dig them out this week. Birthday lineup: 98 coronas especiale, monte gran reserva, VR 5th anny Famosos:
Are these cords lighter weight than the red/green cords you guys made last year? Have both pairs from that run, but the powder blue might be a good Easter/Eff you pant.
Indeed they are, I am stocking up.
I would recommend getting one of the Boveda packets to see if your Prometheus is calibrated correctly. Put them in a Pyrex/Tupperware container and wait a bit. Also, get a reliable hygro, I have tons of these and they have always been rock solid: http://www.amazon.com/Western-Humidor-CALIBER3-Thermometer-Hygrometer/dp/B0007W1EA6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1327950931&sr=8-6 For overkill peace of...
That's probably the Punch Superfinos. Seen as one of the best regionals to date, according to forum love.If the Robo T came to market @ ~$250-275, it might have gotten a larger audience. But they are very good smokes, while they are still around.
Give the Bolivar coronas junior, Cohiba Siglo I, Partagas Short, Monte #5, Trinidad Reyes a try. All very consistent and on the smaller end of the spectrum. And since you're in Canada, there's a new H. Upmann Half Corona that's a perfect winter smoke; bit thicker ring gauge than the other cigars I just mentioned, but apparently very good.Also, if you want a few minutes' smoke, I've found the Cohiba Minis (20 pack cigarillos) to be good value for money.
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