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Smoke an 07 or 08 Partagas Serie du Conn. #3 and tell me it isn't full bodied or at the very least, medium bodied. My May 08 Lusitainias are also pretty full.
Worn my Thorogoods for two days straight--can attest that they are indeed a comfy boot. Break-in not even an issue. Mike, the larger size is on its way back to you.
Just got my Krane bomber...the coat is absolutely crazy with details, the cotton is more waxed than my Barbours, and the fur hood is dope. Warm as hell too.
$98 is almost Gran Reserva money, lol.
I don't have any boxes of them, only have had a couple singles here and there. I think they're considered one of the stronger of the Cohiba line--stronger than the Siglo I-VI's.
Found mild white mold on three other sticks in the box upon further inspection on the wrapper. Wiped them all down and ziploc'ed. I haven't tried recent production Lanceros but the one '01 I have had was magnificent...so I don't mind having 23/25. Received a store credit for the two with moldy feet for my next order...hmmm. Quote: Originally Posted by Girardian If there is no mold on the foot, or mold on only the surface of the foot (and none in the...
I'm probably one of the rare SF'ers who owns no BoO shirts, so I can only compare to Epaulet.
Consensus is size up one from Epaulet fit?
Great fabric choice! Will the 'slim lapels' be peak or notch?
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