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I have been cigarless since before Christmas. My Aristocrat is jampacked now so I've gone onto overfill in an Igloo...I can't wait to smoke my face off. First up will be a La China Salomone.
Not sure I could pull off the saddles on a day to day basis but man I love the brown suede captoes...I would rock those with raw denim all day.
Word, glad you got them safely and USPS didn't manage to lose em. Merry christmas..... On that note, I bought myself a box of Sig V's, more Mag50s, Monte Esp #1's, and two boxes of the UK Regional Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema. Can't wait to get those in hand.
I sized down two in my 003's and that was the perfect fit..i don't know if I would size down 3.
All '08 Partagas and '08 Upmann I have had has been superb across the board.
My aristocrat I bought for more space is full. What are you seeking Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu my humidor just burned down, send a care package over.
Jet, sending: 05 Mag46 02 LGC #4 09 Hoyo Epi #2 08 Juan Lopez #1 08 Romeo Exh. #4
Tell me what's on your wish list to try and I'll put together a little package in the spirit of the holidays (and PM me your address). Quote: Originally Posted by jet I wish I was a baller like you guys send me some sticks dammit.
gran reservas huh? ballin'! I opted not to pick up a box.
The boxcode also strikes me as suspicious...it looks like a woodburner was used, and while I've seen some interestingly printed boxcodes, none have resembled that 'burnt' look.
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