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Had an OR RA Estupendos, which while pretty firm, wasn't plugged at all...followed by another Trinidad Robo T. Really like these, wish I could smoke them everyday. Having a final Romeo '04 EL Hermoso #2. Tight draw, but nice flavors...
Smoking a Partagas SP#1 from the ceramic jar. An unfamilar size but definitely a nice cigar, classic Partagas spice.
Lex Bar Books is great. Love the flatpanel playing Bond movies in the back room...also great when someone has a birthday--lights all dim and 007 theme is played. Had a bunch of nice scotch and an 01 Lancero last time I was there. But yes, need at least a blazer+jeans...seconded on the eye candy quotient. Cigars: having an 08 Sir Winston now. Having had a bunch of '03s, I hope these are evolving along the same lines. Have 2 1/2 boxes left of 08 date.
Congrats to you both, HUGE!...will be sure to visit next weekend if not this one.
That blackwatch sweater is such a dope color...I just wish I was a shawl-collar wearer. Don't think I could pull it off.
Had an '08 PL Belicoso RE, '10 Trinidad Robo T (have settled down from shipping now) and now enjoying an RA Petit Unicos RE Canada...might have to pick up another box of these to age.
The only $20 Cohibas I know of are aged Lanceros, a slightly overpriced Esplendido, and (a few bucks over) the '06 EL Piramide. Siglo II--seven bucks. Robusto--around $10. A Por Larranaga PC, for comparison--less than $4.
Having an 02 Partagas Lonsdale...this is an RE, LE, or normally produced cigar I would like to see again.
I will take pictures and post impressions of my down vest when it arrives...should be sometime this week.
I am not really qualified in suit vernacular and styling, but the only SR tailor that comes to NYC I've used has been Peter Harvey, of Fallan & Harvey. He is great to work with, swings through a couple times a year. I'm also young (late 20's)-- so I am curious what more knowledgeable SFers have to say.
New Posts  All Forums: