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Had the new UK LFDC short robusto playing golf yesterday. Never had any LFDC short churchills so can't comment as to brand blending, but light bodied, nice flavors....a couple inches too short.
Czar might still have some 08 10-ct Lusi boxes...shoot them an email. They seemed to have tons. edit: Also if you want partagas 10 cts, and haven't already tried the 2010 EL, grab a box of those.
08 Lusi with a mosquito machine and a redneck can of Chilean cab, looking out on the trout creek. Fishing is outrageous in WY.
Ain't had no Superiores, forumspeak that I read was that out of the 2 months' production, one was pretty superior(e). Haven't browsed any of those places for weeks, sorry not much help.
Daniel Marshall desktop humidors @ Gilt today in a few.
V, P1? Nice 08 JL1 today.
Not a UV fan either. Really like 03/05/08 Varnished, though. Had a mid-90's Cedros de Luxe #1 yesterday. Miles better than the 90's Churchills I've had, fantastic cigar, fantastic aroma. Redefined for me what a properly aged Romeo can taste like...hugely complex. Guys that are smoking '10s, what have been standouts for you? I have almost no space, but curious about getting a few newer boxes.
V, lemme think on the regional bit. RA Gladiators are really good but I think now hard to come by, less than 1000 50 cabs. If you have the chance to grab a few get them. Im waiting on the Spain Boli 108, LFDC short robo (uk). Mixed on the Encantos i've had, do want to try/pick up some PL Regalia. I can't believe they still have '08 10-ct Lusi stock. I picked up about 6 or 7 of those way back when.
06 EL has been wildly inconsistent for me. The DC is the bomb.
Buy to smoke, never buy to sell if at all possible...I'm sure some guys here can point in the right direction. Just had a fantastic Feb 07 SLR DC with 2 pots of coffee, 03 SLR A, and 10 Hoyo Epi2 on deck. Nice day off working.
New Posts  All Forums: