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Smoking an 06 SLR DC now. Was good, not worth buying a cab of.
Lost my made in France Xtend during my birthday party in Feb to some drunken slut who was enamored with the crack torch. Got it back five months later and it is still working like a champ. Most reliable ligher I have ever owned.
I'm hoping for MTM shirts coming up after suits...I could use a break from my Manhattan tailor's shirt prices.
I've always been tempted to pick up an '03 Reserva box. Only had one Reserva Corona Especiale which was very good. Had an '09 PSD4 tonight. Very raw. Tomorrow I am doing an SLR-off betwen an 07 Churchill and 06 DC to see what I get a 50 cab of. Any opinions would be welcomed.
If you really want to zap a hangover, nothing works quite like a fresh RyJ Cazadore after a greasy breakfast.
Had no idea you guys had the Mills & Co. canvas briefcases--just ordered one in grey. Looks like a great commute bag, and a nice upgrade from my 1985 Jansport steez.
I would choose a RASS from your list because I am working on the best box of them I have ever had, TEB Mar08. Smoked a lot today...BHK52, 06 Monte EL Robusto (meh), 98 Punch Churchill, 04 Romeo EL Herm. #2, 10 Monte EL Grand Edmundo. '10 Monte and Punch churchill tubos were the best of the lot.
1492 time. Quote: Originally Posted by jet I was told tonight will be cause for some special smokes so I am prepping my tools of the trade for this occasion.
Not sure if the foam trays in yours are removable, but in my larger travel humi I have a flat humidity sheet that works great, bought from here: http://www.heartfeltindustries.com/p...umidity+Sheets A Boveda packet would also work in a pinch, although if you're just keeping cigars in it for a couple days I wouldn't even bother with humidification. Quote: Originally Posted by Scuderia-F1 I bought a Xikar travel humidor for 10 cigars today when I...
Smoking an 08 LGC #2 with coffee this morning. First non-2002 LGC I have tasted and first #2...more floral and honey flavor than recent production (09) LGC Tainos. V, how did you like the Duke? I had a really good one when they first came out and then two subsequent crappy muted ones.
New Posts  All Forums: