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Anyone have fit pics/sizing ideas on the jacquard fairisle knit hoody vest? 20% off is tempting me.
20% off outerwear @ End Clothing. WINTERWARMER
Upmann LCDH-release Royal Robusto, 5000 boxes of 10 made. Really nice looking wrappers on the boxes I got today. Tasting notes in a few days...
Short RE robo= RA Lusitanos? (portuguese market) Get a bolivar coronas junior box as well, they are firecrackers.
Escuderos, MRA May11.
All the more reason for me to cash out 24 counts for $289. Thanks, PE, for screwing up your payment processor and giving me a 10% off for the year coupon....
Ordered a Noellas jar today, hope it doesn't arrive in 100 pieces... I want to organize a group buy for 24-ct robo T boxes while they are still around some places.
Anyone here pick up the full camouflage blazer in the Web Exclusives section? (Where the camo shirt is)...curious how Gitman blazer sizing runs.
Got the blue hairs scarf from SW a few weeks ago, dig it. For the alpaca moss jacket, does the 'Size 6=42" mean it roughly fits a 42R chest? Or would it be a little slimmer? I am normally around a 40.
Is that you, Ronnie??!Having a Dantes re-release right now...toothy ass wrapper, not a stellar example.Ordered some of the new German Sancho Panza RE.
New Posts  All Forums: