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I hate to be that dude, but any shipments from Apolis...containing Filson bags...or vice-versa?
Yeah, Canadian cigar taxes are some of the highest around...They couldn't even move their 2007 Regional Edition that came in 600 cabs of 50 until they reboxed a shitton in to cabs of 25.
awww shit i'm buying all the button down collar shirts. Sick fabrics.
So much of my money is going to go your way this fall, dammit..chelsea boots and more oxfords.
What's retail $ going to be for these three new Indys?
I'm assuming that Taint is referring to the shit known as "Dr. Bronner's" soap that comes in a variety of dendrophiliac scents marketed towards the deadhead crowd.
I've also been scared to wash mine for that reason..since they're hemmed perfectly right now. I have kettlebells, but I wouldn't have the first idea about how to attach them so the inseam doesn't stretch.
How fresh? I just got a box of '08 Sig VI's, haven't tried yet.
A T.Anthony black ostrich skin leather one.
Unless in an LCDH, be exceptionally wary. Try to avoid (again if not in an LCDH) the mainstays of fake Habanos, i.e. Monte #2, Cohiba Robusto, Cohiba Esplendidos, Editions Limitada, ANYTHING AT ALL with a glass-top box.
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