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Mauro, any plans for Krane restocks in 40 in the bomber?
Got in a box of the SLR Piramides and RA Celestiales Finos today, the Asian regionals. Smell amazing, can't wait to smoke them.
Great pictures. Want to pick up a bomber jacket now. Are you guys gonna restock any 40s?
Do the McNairy chelseas have a brick sole as well?
This shit is mad comfy...wearing my red flannel now.
Too bad the Aldens aren't in stock anymore for this sale...
Just got a box of May 08 Romeo Short Churchills. Haven't had one of these in a long time.
99 Partagas de Partagas #1 for me tonight.
Just sent a PM your way. Sorry to be such a pain in the ass about the boot fit.
Mauro, random question but since it seems like we're the same size: what do you wear in the Fred Perry twin tipped polos? M or L?
New Posts  All Forums: