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Smoking a '99 Hoyo du Roi now. Woodsy but a little bland. Anyone had more experience with this smoke or more recent production? Already have Hoyo du Gourmets and des Dieux in the humi.
Turns out the guy that I bought the 1492 from threw in a Bolivar BBF from the Boli Centenary Humidor (1992 release) and a Cohiba Corona Especiale Reserva as bonus sticks. Gonna be quite a smoke session on my bday...
Nice light/woody Hoyo Epi#2 from Ene '09. Little bit too light for post-dinner but I'm going to smoke an 08 Lusi next.
That is roughly what I paid. Rationally no, one cigar is not worth that much. I have Dunhills that are much, much cheaper. But it's for a special birthday and with the inclusion of a couple extra sticks I fell for it. The 1492s have a pretty unique history.
Yup, it was me. He said he'd attach a couple extras for the kind of money I spent. I don't actually know what fair market value for 1492's are--very likely I overpaid. Quote: Originally Posted by jerms24k Were you the one who got that one today? Congrats, those are definitely special cigars.
Bought a single 1492 today as a birthday cigar....extremely excited to smoke it.
Smoked an 03 and 08 Sir Winston last night back to back, then had a La China Salomone....wow my tastebuds were toast by 1am.
The Dupont service center overhauled my Xtend for I think somewhere in the range of $40-50...like a brand new lighter and only took about 3 weeks. Better than having a watch overhauled...
Yup, have an 06 box. Just like the Esp 1 better if I have the time to smoke it. Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Have you tried the Especiales 2 before?
Got the McNairy brown suede captoes yesterday. Mike you were spot on in recommending the 11.5's. Fit like a charm. Little bit narrow in the toebox but I'm sure it will stretch a little bit. Look forward to the upcoming releases! edit: also dig the grey donegal tweed and cherry red fabrics...make those up!
New Posts  All Forums: