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06 EL has been wildly inconsistent for me. The DC is the bomb.
Buy to smoke, never buy to sell if at all possible...I'm sure some guys here can point in the right direction. Just had a fantastic Feb 07 SLR DC with 2 pots of coffee, 03 SLR A, and 10 Hoyo Epi2 on deck. Nice day off working.
Thinking of the navy houndstooth aircraft jacket from Context, or the solid green from UK...thoughts?
Looking good V. Black walnut? Or what wood? I don't need to tell you it will be full in a few months...
Got both pairs of Gitman plaid shorts sizing up to 36W from 34-35ish, great fit and fabrics.
Madras shorts are bonkers. Much better than Gitman madras/plaid shorts out this season.
My Crate x SF jean has gone through a crotch repair but still is my favorite fitting pair of jeans. What's a similar cut to those on the higher end of the spectrum around a 33/34W--Somet 003's were fantastic quality but rise is way too low, even with stretch. Not looking for super heavy weight, but Pure blue/Momotaro 0701/Strike Gold/Samurai 710/etc suggestions appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Ballin' on a budget Party 165 109's?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu hey, just saw it. Lets do it. Is there a red themed cigar you like that we can do instead of sharks straight up? (red tubos tat, something like that?) Partagas P1 jar.
Anyone tried the UK regional PL Regalias de Londres? Same band as Magnificos. Tempted on a box...I think aged PLPC's and especially the 06 German lonsdale are better than the new Asian Encantos...
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